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Submission + - Verizon LTE Network Down (

ajcoon writes: "The latest in a string of recent outages (AWS, PSN), Verizon Wireless announced via their Twitter feed that their LTE network was down today with no promise of when it will return to service. Customers are being told they can still make calls and use 1XRTT data speeds."

Grateful Dead Percussionist Makes Music From Supernovas 57

At the "Cosmology At the Beach" conference earlier this month, Grammy-award winning percussionist Mickey Hart performed a composition inspired by the eruptions of supernovae. "Keith Jackson, a Berkeley Lab computer scientist who is also a musician, lent his talents to the project, starting with gathering data from astrophysicists like those at the Berkeley Lab’s Nearby Supernova Factory, which collects data from telescopes in space and on earth to quickly detect and analyze short-lived supernovas. 'If you think about it, it's all electromagnetic data — but with a very high frequency,' Jackson said of the raw data. "What we did is turn it into sound by slowing down the frequency and "stretching" it into an audio form. Both light and sound are all wave forms — just at different frequencies. Our goal was to turn the electromagnetic data into audio data while still preserving the science.'"

Comment User Error (Score 1) 264

Most network interface configurations allow you to specify a DNS server for that specific connection. I use both OpenVPN2 and Cisco IPSec clients on Windows and Linux. In both cases, the virtual adapters/interfaces used by these clients can have their own DNS server configured. It is only used when the adapter/interface is connected.

Submission + - Home Entertainment System on a Shoestring?

stuckinthe90s writes: I've got $3500 to spend on a home entertainment system. I'm starting from scratch; my current stereo and television are from the 90's. My current gaming console is a Playstation (1). My goals are:

    — LCD HDTV
    — Blu-ray
    — New gaming console (leaning towards PS3 because blu-ray is built-in...thoughts?)
    — Surround sound receiver/speakers
    — AM/FM Tuner, EQ, CD changer, Phono (someone just gave me a new one; all set here)
    — Sirius (component dock for my car tuner?)
    — Stream music from my PC
    — Some sort of furniture/storage to put all of this in (TV will be wall-mounted)
    — EASY TO CONTROL! I hate having 20 remote controls.

So on a $3500 budget, what do you think I should buy?

Submission + - Google services have multiple vulnerabilities

Gary writes: "The Government of India has sounded an alert that many Google services including its search engine, email and photo-sharing software, have multiple vulnerabilities. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERTIN), working under the department of information technology (DIT), has also noted a "persistent email theft issue" which affects the popular GMail service."

Submission + - The buzzing LCD monitor/TV plague 1

(Score.5, Interestin writes: Some years ago there was a plague of exploding capacitors on motherboards. Currently, the plague seems to be buzzing LCD monitors and TVs. The problem is caused by the use of cheap and nasty inverters for LCD backlights, and only occurs when the brightness is set to less than about 90-95% (specifically, the problem occurs when the duty cycle on the PWM dimmer drops below about 95%). It's not immediately noticeable because as shipped the products have their brightness cranked to maximum, which obscures the problem. This affects virtually every LCD monitor and TV brand, Acer, Hitachi, HP, NEC, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Viewsonic, you name it, even a trivial google search returns thousands of hits. The only solution currently seems to be to keep RMA'ing the monitor/TV until you happen to get one that doesn't have this problem. Haven't the vendors learned anything about cheap-and-nasty components from the exploding-capacitor fiasco?

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