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Comment Re:Math time (Score 2, Interesting) 62

If you wanna turn it into a little more fuzzy math, then you can consider that they are likely going to sell more than just the pre-orders on Day 1 alone bringing a one day total close to, if not greater than, the previous high of $125 million in sales in a single day.

Not to mention this game is practically a part of pop-culture at this point (CMN.. it's been on /. like five or six times already)... point being that the sales are going to continue being strong even after the first day... atleast enough to make the 1/6 ratio you mentioned above significantly different.

And to add to the fuzziness... Halo 3 is also a console-selling game... they are spending 10 million in marketing to sell a game that will also sell a console. Assuming the marketing is done even remotely right (and seriously... the game sells itself... MSFT bashing aside... they could screw it up and it still won't hurt sales too much at this point), then they are likely to have an increase in console sales. People who were on the line about getting a second console (basically people who bought a wii) or getting their first console might be convinced that this is the time to get a 360. Either way, Halo3 is a big enough title that it's going to sell both a large volume in the game itself, but it will also boost sales for the Xbox 360 console for an extended period of time (including Christmas time at which point all stores will be fully stocked with both the console and the game)... and... well... that makes the prediction/fuzziness/math even harder to pinpoint.

Considering how strong the competition is and the fact that they will undoubtedly make a strong profit margin on this game, spending 10 million to promote it seems perfectly fine considering more money on advertising will eat away at people's willpower (to buy both the game and the console) much more than a $10 price cut would.


Submission + - Microsoft defeats pro-ODF legislation (

ajanp writes: Computerworld discusses the defeat of legislation in the states of California, Florida, Texas, Oregon, and Connecticut which "would have required state agencies to use freely available and interoperable file formats, such as the Open Document Format (ODF) for Office Applications, instead of Microsoft Corp.'s proprietary Office formats," although a bill in Minnesota that would have called for the state agencies to start using an open, XML-based format was changed to instead study the issue. There was heavy lobbying being done in private on both sides with one problem being "the jargon-laden disinformation that committee members felt they were being fed by lobbyists for both IBM and Microsoft. Although lobbyists would tell the committee one thing in private, they got cold feet when asked to verify the information publicly, under oath." However, "Despite the string of defeats, Marino Marcich, executive director of the Washington-based ODF Alliance, said the legislative fight has only begun."

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