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Comment Re:False premise (Score 1) 459

I think it "might scale back to sensible levels". ( When you look at the 1990s for example, how many people had PCs back then.)

In the private home: Perhaps 10-30% of the population?
Geeks and professionals will still need PCs. People who only use the Internet, browse, shop and watch movies will probably no longer need a PC.

In the workplace:
Before the PC most "screen and keyboard" type workstations where dumb terminals. Then there was the PC-wave, but now they have gone back to somewhat-dumb terminals. In our company we used to have ~300PCs 10 Years ago, now we have about 20 PCs and 1000 Terminals. (Which of course could still be classified as small PCs without much storage running Linux, but you can't really install much on them besides client programs to connect to servers)

Comment Re:I don't see where the "threat" is... (Score 1) 376

Just more editorial bias. The thought is that embedded wifi will only ever be a security risk, and could never possibly be of use to anyone.

Well, if WiFi is of use to anyone, they could perfectly well sell Friges which have a WiFi option. That is no reason to *force* the cost and security risk of wifi onto everyone who doesn't want it.

Comment Re:I don't see where the "threat" is... (Score 5, Insightful) 376

I wonder if have any idea in their deranged mind to *lower* the cost of the fridge, but require a monthly subscription for it to work.
Which would open up an opportunity for black-marked "DRM-Removed" household appliances....... "Download 12 month of refrigeration from piratebay!!!"

Comment Re:Are moon rocks special or something? (Score 1) 63

The "special thing" here is that they were bought *after* they were recovered by the police. At that point they presumable ceased to be stolen goods. Or else you would never be able to sell anything that was once stolen from you, recovered by police, and returned to you.

The real question here is why the police never returned the bag to NASA (or the museum it was stolen from). When they find some random jewellery they compare it to stuff that has been reported stolen, why didn't they do that in case of the bag? Was the theft never reported? But even then, with a "moon rock sample bag" found in a thieves den NASA would have been pretty much the first choice of contact to inquire about it.

Comment Smartphones created 911 problems anyway. (Score 1) 152

When something happens in a crowded area, and hundreds of people whip out their smartphones to dial 911, the system gets regularly DDoSed anyway.

I wonder if anybody is thinking about some protection on the cell level. Like, when there are already ten 911 call originating from one cell, additional ones need some confirmation form the caller that they really want to make an additional one.

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