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Comment Smartphones created 911 problems anyway. (Score 1) 152

When something happens in a crowded area, and hundreds of people whip out their smartphones to dial 911, the system gets regularly DDoSed anyway.

I wonder if anybody is thinking about some protection on the cell level. Like, when there are already ten 911 call originating from one cell, additional ones need some confirmation form the caller that they really want to make an additional one.

Comment Re:So ... folders (Score 1) 42

Of course instead of some sort of defined rules that you are able to understand, they probably will employ some sort of "AI" in the "Cloud", so that your trip confirmation to Hamburg will end up in your recipes stack, while some office themed porn will pop up at your next presentation to management.

Comment Re:Samsung: Munitions-grade consumer electronics (Score 1) 164

Funny that just one year after they sold their "Samsung Techwin" subsidiary, where defending your castle *was* a well documented feature of their products like the K9 Thunder Motorized Howitzer, to the Hanwa group ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... ) their OTHER products start exploding.....

Maybe some of the Samsung techs miss building weaponry?

Comment Re:Thats terrible (Score 2) 86

As much as I dislike large corporations, the problem as I see it is slightly different here.

Of course when someone "gives you grades on some arbitrary test that has nothing to do with reality whatsoever", be it energy consumption, emission volumes or school grades, you optimize your behaviour to get as high as possible marks on those arbitrary test.

And then you get televisions, cars, employees, etc.. that all scored great on some arbitrary test, but those test don't really tell you anything about how they perform in the real world. We are just too obsessed by labels, certificates and diplomas these days.

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