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Comment Re:Thats terrible (Score 2) 86

As much as I dislike large corporations, the problem as I see it is slightly different here.

Of course when someone "gives you grades on some arbitrary test that has nothing to do with reality whatsoever", be it energy consumption, emission volumes or school grades, you optimize your behaviour to get as high as possible marks on those arbitrary test.

And then you get televisions, cars, employees, etc.. that all scored great on some arbitrary test, but those test don't really tell you anything about how they perform in the real world. We are just too obsessed by labels, certificates and diplomas these days.

Comment Re:HTTPS on home LAN (Score 4, Insightful) 86

This. Plus, browser that puts warnings on all un-enctypted pages is somehow like a radio that warns before every song that the next song isn't encrypted and might be listened to by anybody. Or a barkeeper telling you at the bar "Don't talk so loud, the police might hear."

Of course you should have the right to whisper any time you want. But you also should have the right to shout something for everybody to hear whenever you want, without somebody warning that you shouldn't do it.

Comment Re:Math is hard (Score 1) 224

on the other hand: "percent" is the unit, meaning "per hundred"

So 90 "per hundred" IS 10 "per hundred" better than 80 "per hundred". Note that the unit doesn't change in this case.

Of course or 90 pieces or 90 kg or 90 mp/h or 90 "cool" AREN'T 10% better than 90 pieces or 90 kg or 90 mp/h or 90 "cool".

But 90% are 10% better than 80%, the same sense that 90 mp/h are 10 mp/h better than 80 mp/h.

Comment Re:Yes, Because Optical Media Is Durable (Score 1) 385

That about is my experience.

I have about 1000 burned DVDs that I use somewhat regularity, and about 100 burned BluRays now. Since about 2002 I have encountered exactly *two* discs I couldn't read any more. One got scratched badly when it somehow got loose from the sleeve in my satchel, the other fell onto a tile floor and a corner broke off.

For security I usually make two copies of "important" stuff, and I also fill the media only to about 75%, and fill the rest up with error correction data created by, so that in the event that I one day actually DO run into a bit rot issue, I might still be able to re-construct the data.

Comment Re:Huh?!? (Score 1) 85

One common definition that would apply to both cars and planes would probably be "the vehicle has to have at least X seconds unobstructed travel path before it, so that it is save to take the hands of the controls" Then that would also somewhat fit missiles and rockets, although in their case the human intervention is mostly confined to an "abort and self destruct" button.

That way a highway scenario could one day become "hands of wheels" territory, for example when there are autonomous vehicle only lanes.

Comment I just realized the REALLY interesting question. (Score 1) 159

So far a lot of software has been able to claim somewhat confidentially "Compatible with windows 3.11 / 95 / 2000 / XP / 7" and so on.

But now Microsoft is adding new and completely unexpected new subsystems to their OS, without making that in any way "obvious" to the customer (and other software vendors) that there is a big change in the OS that might (and most definitely will) break existing software.

This basically means that most (if not all) third party Window software will become more of a "might or might not work this week" gamble to both the customer and the third party software vendor.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 4, Informative) 675

Seems it's the other way around in Europe. We run a retail with several outlets. When we do "Chip/Mag + Signature" we pay for what fraud we get, when we do "Chip + Pin" the bank is responsible. *But* since Chip+Pin has a "higher transaction cost", we basically do Signature, and only when the fraud happening in that area rises above the cost of the higher pin transaction cost we switch to pin.

( Then again, most of those are direct debit cards which is a whole other beast than the US credit cards )

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