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Comment I love USA because of their education materials (Score 1) 306

I must for one state that I am as indebted to my country education system as to good will of american educators.
Even though Europe is considered more socialist than the USA most of the thesis's and papers I read are from USA. Examples in my field are the publications of programs and theory documents from Professor Mark Drela.

Europe does good research also, but when it can have practical and commercial applications it is rarely published or highly redacted. America may have lots of problems but I have found their openness in education a true beacon for the whole world. It is a pity this measures are enforced because they don't actually defeat an adversary government but do hinder the young minds that try to follow knowledge and civilization against barbarity.

It is true that knowledge does not preclude some kinds of backward thinking but it sure as hell influences positively. For one, I am terribly influenced by the American society yet in Europe culture is quite different. How was that? Not through isolation surely.

Comment Most inocuous thing with google safesearch off (Score 1) 369

I was going to post:

Just search the most innocuous thing with safe search off and you will always get porn. I think it is censorship, American prude way, but even so i can try to understand some pragmatism.

But then i realized that there has been a massive cleanup in the results not just in google.com but .uk and others also even with safe search off. I really don't get the prudishness. Google is more and more becoming my enemy.

Comment Re:But... Phong is wrong (Score 2) 169

I actually saw a conference with the authors of the paper this week and they had into account the fact that it was metal and even modeled it from the clone in the Smithsonian. And yes they treated it like an antenna so the radiative energy balance is taken care of. The Phong idea came from a student which i think is great, and the public acknowledgment from the professor was very nice. They even had a live webcast of the whole conference.I will ask if they will publish the recordings for download. http://www.aerospace.ubi.pt/workshop2011/preliminary_program.html.
Lots more interesting stuff was discussed like ion beam space debris collectors, satellites and orbit planning which was way over my head

Comment Re:Wrong summary? NO: File-sharing is LEGAL in Spa (Score 1) 229

In Portugal, the place i am from, it is similar. The lobbying doesn't go on to become law because courts have more important things to do than just trial minor damages, and even politicians know better. Also the public backlash would be significant if normal people started to go bankrupt, like already happened in the States. I don't think it should be criminalized but people should be educated that it's good to support what you like, as part of good citizenship. The carrying of publicity is not ilegal but on the other hand making profit from it should, at least in my opinion.

Comment Re:Why I prefer downloads (Score 2, Interesting) 232

I totally agree with you. In slashdot there is this stigma about trading a physical good for a digital one. Don't get me wrong i love buying music CD's but when i do it i get a personal satisfaction feeling and nostalgia that is not really connected to the end product which is music. The music is equal to the flac or high quality mp3 counterpart.
But i also find that steam is a good platform for a games library that is both versatile and convenient.

Some users replied that they can't sell their games or that they have to log in to play the downloaded content, but not with steam and steam is basically DRM. With steam you can play in offline mode and can play as you mentioned in any computer you own just by logging in and downloading. It's true you can't resell but steam constantly has such good deals that not even in your dream store you will get so much discounted titles. In my opinion they may even be cheaper than second hand games bought of ebay or any online store.

There is just one thing i am afraid regarding the fact that in some jurisdictions the digitally transactioned goods may not be regulated by the same solid physical goods laws.

PS: Steam's recent promotions are completely brilliant



Submission + - Defective Parts or Incorrect Use in Warranties?

aiwarrior writes: "I have recently had problems regarding low quality of parts in my Lenovo X61t with its the bezel ungluing, the hinge support arms breaking and other design/quality of parts issues.
Some designs are just bound to break and without the manufacturer ever acknowledging it leaving the bill to the customers who already paid for the product. How should i explain that i didn't incorrectly use the equipment? I was told by the technicians that warranties never cover body parts failures because they can all be attributed to incorrect use. Have you ever had any success with similar cases where a warranty service was initially denied and then granted? What did you do?"

Submission + - Police issue Death Threats to Man with Camera 9

An anonymous reader writes: Cops in St. Louis have taken objection over a local man filming their abuses of power, and have responded with death threats, and stalking. The guy they're harassing installed a pretty neat video system in his car after having received a speeding ticket that he that was unfair. What he ended up catching on tape was far worse than a speeding ticket. Luckily the news has picked up on it, so he is probably out of immediate danger.

Submission + - Poll: What would your billionaire hobby be? 4

MontyApollo writes: Poll: What would your billionaire hobby be?

Space Company
Sports Team Owner
Venture Capitalist
Political Foundation
Social/Charitable Foundation
Science/Tech Foundation
Just Party/Travel/Personal Hobbies and nothing else
Cloning Research Company for spare parts
Cloning an army of CowboyNeals to rule the world

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