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Comment How secure? (Score 1) 156

Sure it is secure but how secure? We all know no security is perfect, who tested this? Also how can we know that NSA will not ADD a device on postal to search. Is there a feature which disable such option? How much is the expected price? How much will we need to pay for our privacy? Furthermore, can I buy the phone without getting my name registered?

Submission + - Phil Zimmerman To Launch Secure "Blackphone" (

judgecorp writes: Famed cryptography activist Phil Zimmerman is set to launch Blackphone, a privacy-oriented phone which allows secure calls and messages. The phone is a joint venture between Zimmerman's Silent Circle communications provider and Geeksphone, the creator of the first Firefox phone, and will run PrivatOS, a secure version of Android. Zimmerman says the venture will be taking orders for the devices from February 24, after it is unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Comment My suggstion (Score 0) 154

My suggestion would be to let people use any material without having to worry about copyright as long it is not used commercial. Copyright owners tend to use the fact that they lose a lot of profit from the internet. However, there have been studies showing that because of the internet several things get popular. For example Game of Thrones, it is released in the US, if only the US could see it (in fact only those who paid the subscription in the US) there GoT would not be the success it is right now. HODOR COPOR

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