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Comment Economics is Psychology - Apollo Dividend? (Score 1) 375

Note, economics is a perception racket, pure and simple!

The way you improve an economy would always lead to improving perceptions. So if you wonder why with all the power we have today, the economy looks so dour?


War sometimes stirs the economy, it forces activities and people into action, conscription of assets, people and lands. Bad for economics in most cases, but one that forces movement, kind of like a laxative does for the alimentary canal. Works but far from optimal is the word there.

The ApolloDividend found on Twitter seems to have one way out of the morass.

Comment Re:How is this paid for? Apollo Dividend allows it (Score 1) 1291

I've done a cursory glance at the two links provided, and I don't see how giving everyone a $2K a month check will be paid for?

Does this money just magically appear?

Isn't the Fed Reserve already magically creating money for us...and that is just getting us further in debt?

While this sounds all warm and fuzzy...everyone likes "free" money...but WTF does it come from?

The money best is sourced based on a fresh source, the real estate conversion in the 'Apollo Dividend' takes care of it all and provides for space too.

Google Apollo Dividend and read up so you know where much more than just a few checks for people, but the entire world gets fixed.

Comment Re: How is this paid for? Apollo Dividend does it! (Score 1) 1291

Apollo Dividend pays for the whole enchilada and then some, along with a huge frontier on top of everything else opened up.

Kind of like how land from Louisiana Purchase really kind of paid for itself way beyond what it took.

  The moon is worth so much more even with net present value back from a century from now.

Mars is even worth more yet after 200 years of net present value.

It really is amazing that everyone overlooks the obvious eh?

Comment Basic Income in feed? Apollo Dividend is how now. (Score 1) 1291

So the wealth to distribute needs to come from somewhere seriously.

What is an answer to the 'BASIC INCOME HYPOTHESIS' especially with robot unemployment pace acceleration?

The 'Apollo Dividend' is what, check the Twitter feed found online, the answer astounds and we should get both mind you in this world.

We do have real 'Abundance', read the book from Peter Diamandis and couple it with the post Moon Express era, voila, lots of funding over time!

Comment One part of me says this is tragic, another says g (Score 1) 498

For instance, many drug abusers are just slowed down self destruction that drags everyone else with them in so many ways.

Give them a choice, red or purple and be done with it all! Tired of affluenza loaded bs media stories where such and such had everything, yet felt like nothing. Give them red or purple and be done!

Comment Of course the first lethal use happened... (Score 1) 165

Sure some of the example seem more like the near future. But everyone knows that some indirect lethal actions have occurred.

Some hospital under DDoS certainly with telemedicine probably lost a patient, two or even three.

Fortunately for hospitals, they can chalk it up to the patients fault or some other innocuous occurrence with indirect, who really can point the finger?

The fickle finger of fate!

Comment iTunes U on a 128GB iPad with GSM option return (Score 1) 223


Most of the iTunes U courses for programming, in particular, the Stanford Edu and the Carnegie Mellon series are easily loaded on an iPad that may be solar powered/easily charged in remote locations.

However, it is recommended that you get the absolute maximum storage to hold all the video/audio/app/e-book content.

Avoid courses requiring a remote login to proceed since you are not able to communicate.

GSM capable is suggested, unlocked iPad 128GB which usually equates to AT&T for the carrier. But do make sure it is unlocked first and before you even start loading the courses.

Load all the courses at the absolute fastest Internet location, my suggestion is a major bandwidth hub with 1 gigabit or 100 megabit minimum and be prepared to campout a bit to get all the synchronizations finished up.

You can also choose to utilize iTunes itself, but the iPad is where you need to make sure the content is complete, so a PC or better yet, Mac with iTunes and lots of storage on tap is the ticket for best results.

Budgeting space is significant as well plus other topics may be great.

Linux? Well Linux would work, but far less elegant than iTunes U notebooks and iPad combination.

Last but not least, encase the device in a robust container for protection, here is a listing from Redlands in Australia to review:

These are the iPad cases we recommend at the College.

Comment Who is watching the blind watchdogs? (Score 1) 1

Figures that while Americans are surveilled heavily, this at almost no cost gets missed.

We are too busy looking for fake threats here and a cited nation of concern readies a force delivery system of real concern from afar.

If our cyber warfare advocates were effective, these trucks would have failed to be constructed or broke down during the parade.

Who is the proper people that should run the intelligence apparatus?

Not the ones that perjury in front of Congress's hearings becomes a Modus Operandi as they should resign now.

Submission + - MRI technology to sit or standup opens up multiple sclerosis diagnosis (

aisnota writes: FONAR has opened up the idea of multiple sclerosis diagnosis via MRI where you stand or sit in a chair. This is versus the original mode of being locked into a tunnel of magnets for long periods of time as a contrast with this multiple sclerosis as a disease before being so very difficult to determine by physicians.

With these advances, you would think the processes like this would reduce the cost of blind medical care.

Comment Re:DARPA - It is too late - Adversaries Got It! (Score 1) 87

So you think that they have not already been doing this, even pre-big data?

> DARPA is worried about. there are 4 main motivations used by agents to motivate their assets to spy:
> 1. greed,
> 2. revenge,
> 3. idealism,
> 4. blackmail.
> more data

Several of the scandalous situations revolve around our military personal compromised as assets of an opposition. This will only repeat more efficiently with big data at the forefront as the toolbox.

But those tools are out there now, the big data sets in many cases are even built in another country.

So that ship has sailed.


Comment DARPA - It is too late - Adversaries Got It! (Score 2) 87

Considering all the discussions about 'big data' and DARPA is actually in this rare instance way behind the curve.

My own data analysis of what has happened says that the combination of processing and storage in the potential adversarial hands is so great, a set of counter measures is really hard to find now.

There are extrinsic factors, but DARPA is far from the right theoretical understanding. Albeit, the DARPA research that helped propel big data, the ARPA-NET has spawned so much, so quickly it is nearly hopeless and now requires a brand new paradigm to get that tiger by the tail for security.

FYI, make sure Snowden gets a pardon as soon as possible, that will help!

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