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Comment Re:Ehh maybe halfway? (Score 1) 256

I tried it. Rendering was fine and reasonably speedy. (They disagree with FF and Chrome on whether the first EOL after a `pre` tag must be rendered in an XHTML document, and they are probably on the wrong side of that.) But then I tried to download a file to my preferred location: no choice, and no way to set a preference to ask for a save location. 'Bye to Edge.

Comment Re:Tables? (Score 2) 103

Tables are not pivot tables, which LO has had for ages. Tables are a crucial spreadsheet feature, providing structured references to rectangular arrays of data. Elementwise operations become trivial with tables. A collection of tables can be used similarly to a relational database.

Comment IPython uses markdown (Score 1) 204

For those doing scientific programming, the IPython notebook is a joyful place for interactive exploration and can be appropriate for document creation. Notebook cells can have code, images, or text, and text can mix Markdown and LaTeX (rendered in the cell via MathJax). Notebooks can be converted to HTML or PDF (via LaTeX), using the nbconvert utility (which depends on pandoc). For serious document production, this is not even remotely a replacement for LaTeX, but it can be a great place for interactive work.

Comment Re:What about pictures? (Score 2) 300

Think it's graphicsx. One of the packages, anyways, lets you include PNGs, JPGs, etc. ... I also don't like the fact that vector images require you to master Asymptote, Metapost and an armful of other systems. ... So, whilst I agree that TeX has crappy image handling, it's not nearly as bad as you depict.

It is also not nearly as bad as you depict. Vector drawing is handled nicely by pgf/tik. If you want meta-control of tikz, you can use the wonderful tikz backend for matplotlib. There are also beautiful ways to produce EPS or (better yet imho) PDF for LaTeX, with embedded TeX fonts, including Matplotlib and the amazingly powerful PyX. Btw, the graphics inclusion package is graphicx.

Comment Re:Yay (Score 1) 2987

I think Lott is opinionated, inflammatory, and important. I suspect he is probably wrong in his concealed carry conclusions. However in a complex matter like this, as in pretty much any scientific inquiry, those of us who are not specialists should rely on the consensus of the experts. In this case, there is no consensus on how concealed carry affects murder rates, so holding a strong opinion is unjustified. (It follows that we can expect a lot of ideological shouting.)

One thing that is known to raise murder rates is high and sustained unemployment. Neither concealed carry laws nor unemployment rates appear relevant to this shooting, however.

Comment Re:Numerical Python (Score 2) 204

I mostly use python these days [snip] Matlab's syntax is just so slick by comparison:

Matlab: foo = [1 2;3 4] Python: foo= array([[1,2],[3,4]]) R: foo - matrix(c(1,2,3,4),2,2)

NumPy includes a matrix library: foo=mat('1 2;3 4'). In general, Python's syntax beats Matlab's syntax
hands down. (In this particular case there is almost a tie, but a trivial advantage for Matlab. I spend apporximately 0% of my time typing in data for array construction, and I suppose that is true of most users.) For help transitioning, see http://www.scipy.org/NumPy_for_Matlab_Users.

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