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Comment Re:Software freedom trumps proprietorship every ti (Score 1) 231

There are lots of other type of users. People designing embedded systems, people maintaining long term projects etc.

The thing we probably don't care about you, since you will just go install the binary driver from nvidia site. Most users probably just want their desktop/laptop to work out of the box.

Comment Re:propreitary (Score 5, Informative) 47

You haven't looked at 3D programming in 15 years then?

Its just like a CPU, you build shader programs, and optimsing the shader programs requires compilers and writing good compilers is hard and costs lots of money.

Also the other reason is patent infringement, they are all infringing on everyone, just like the rest of the mobile space, so they don't want to make it that easy to show off what they are doing.

Though neither of these reasons are really valid but lawyers and crap engineers like to keep themselves looking good.


Best Places To Work In IT 2010 205

CWmike writes "These top-rated IT workplaces combine choice benefits with hot technologies and on-target training. Computerworld's 17th annual report highlights the employers firing on all cylinders. The Employer Scorecard ranks IT firms based on best benefits, retention, training, diversity, and career development. Also read what IT staffs have to say about job satisfaction. How's your workplace, IT folk?" Read below for a quick look at the top 10 IT workplaces according to this survey.

Matching Up Hotkeys for OS X and Linux GUIs? 83

I use a MacBook Pro for my main machine, but also have a Ubuntu desktop. I get irritated about switching between command-oriented hotkeys and ctrl-oriented hotkeys (cmd-a on OSX = ctrl-a on Linux/windows). I've looked over a lot of forums and have found that Gnome doesn't seem capable of changing hotkeys, while xfce and fluxbox can. The ideal solution would be a way to change system keys in X, or at the system level — that way I can keep compiz. Does anyone have any ideas or know a trick to change system hot keys?

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