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Comment Re:IT professional here (Score 1) 1144

"The people that do this are the problem, not the firearms. "

I hope, you - as an IT professional - understand what the most efficient way of solving a problem at hand is. Otherwise, I hope you're an IT researcher.

"There is not a single case of these mass shootings where the shooter just took a gun from someone and then committed the crime."

But there are multiple cases of children getting hold of guns, which you - being an IT professional well trained in logical thinking and analysis - undoubtedly considered, but disregarded, didn't you?

Comment Re:For those who think there qre no stupid questio (Score 1) 1144

"You could remove all guns and mass killings will still occur.

Mix some bleach and ammonia and throw it around. Put together an explosive. Drive a car over the sidewalk. Poison the water supply. Release weaponized viral agents into a high population area."

More brilliant logic. Do you even try to analyse your arguments before producing them or it's just a knee jerk reaction now?

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