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Comment Re:And the next food craze starts (Score 1) 176

"people tend to be healthy and live long in certain areas - without even trying - and the main difference seems to be the diet. "

It may seem so, but it isn't the diet. It's the way of life - close-knit families and communities, less stress, moderate economic development, more time outside and more physical activity, diverse cuisine (incl. seafood) and almost no heavily processed or very sweet foods, cleaner environment and good healthcare...
Most centenarians don't live in big cities. They mostly live in (semi)-rural areas in (moderately)-developed countries (also moderate climate).

Comment Re:Might've been OK if Hillary was POTUS (Score 1) 432

"letting Russia take over as the world's policeman"
Don't be ridiculous. Russia has no funds/resources to be the world's policeman. Their "carrier" barely managed to get to Syria a week (?) ago. One of its aircraft fell into the ocean this week :) They can huff and puff, but they can only occasionally blow down a small stick house or two.
I'm pretty sure all their military campaigns of the last couple of decades were mainly aimed at livetraining their personnel while getting rid of the obsolete ammo. Their nukes and the "crazy Ivans" image they're diligently cultivating are the only things that are keeping that country whole. I'm also pretty sure they're aware that won't stop the Chinese from colonizing Siberia peacefully and assimilating its minuscule population.

Comment Re:IT professional here (Score 1) 1144

"The people that do this are the problem, not the firearms. "

I hope, you - as an IT professional - understand what the most efficient way of solving a problem at hand is. Otherwise, I hope you're an IT researcher.

"There is not a single case of these mass shootings where the shooter just took a gun from someone and then committed the crime."

But there are multiple cases of children getting hold of guns, which you - being an IT professional well trained in logical thinking and analysis - undoubtedly considered, but disregarded, didn't you?

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