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Comment Re: driving a LOT more carefully (Score 1) 123

this is the inverse (contrapositive? i didn't pay that much attention in logic101;-) of one of stan mott's cartoons in car&driver waaaay back addition to his brilliant cyclops series (recently introduced as the tata nano ;-) he mocked safety regs with a cartoon of ppl driving around in federal safety tanks ramming anyone who got in their way;-}

Comment Re:originalim == whetever the fuck he believed (Score 1) 1105

yeah, he was a fucking hypocrit...from the wa.po obit:

"[scalia dismissed intent as]...simply an excuse for judges to impose their own ideological views.

Critics countered that the same could be said for originalism — and that the legal conclusions Justice Scalia said were dictated by that approach meshed neatly with the justice’s views on the death penalty, gay rights and abortion.
  . . .
Scalia redefined and popularized originalism. His approach to understanding the Constitution focused not on the framers’ intent but on the meaning of the words to ordinary citizens in 1787." ...except for the 2nd amendment

Comment what about the defamation lawsuit against cosby? (Score 1) 190

apparently defending against accusations by denying them, implicitly calling the accuser a liar, isn't protected by the 1st amendment;-\

otoh, it's a clever ploy to drag him into court & examine alleged crimes after the statute of limitation has passed...or should we now retroactively prosecute?

Comment what i've been saying all along... (Score 1) 190

the 2nd amendment obviously applies: "arms" are not limited to the 18th century definition, and ITAR defines s/w as arms.

the 1st amendment protects the expression of code: see
as well as the 2nd: "keeping" arms, but to "bear" arms means using them: code must be executed on h/w, so the 2nd amendment protects the right to jailbreak (if u r not root, u don't really possess ur h/w;-) and execute anything you want.

i don't see how this could be any clearer. of course this makes the implementation of asimov's 3 laws problematic...

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