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Comment Re:"At last! Light sensor support in my browser!" (Score 2) 37

What would be nice would be a tab in options in the browser that lists all the hardware you might want javascript to be able to access (mic, light sensor, camera, whatever) alongside a simple selector: allow-access, deny-access, pretend-to-allow-access-but-fake-the-result.

We have that already though.
At least in Chrome, there's global defaults for each type of thing, and per-site overrides that you can access by clicking the site icon in the address bar.
Granted, they don't have pretend-to-allow-access-but-fake-the-result, but I thought this was normal and had been in most browsers for ages?

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 225

In that case, can't they just globally fix it server side, by 1) filtering it out of the stored history, and 2) filtering input to prevent it in-bound?

Yes, this would be a good immediate mitigation.
It wouldn't fix bricked installs, but it would avoid breaking new ones - except for the people who send the string.

Comment Re:StreetView? (Score 1) 100

What's the difference between a panoramic photo, composed of small pictures stitched together, and Google Streetview or Google Maps, which are composed of small pictures stitched together? Is the difference that one person calls themselves a "photographer" and the other person is just a technician?

Google Maps could be considered a single panorama (although that's arguable - does the definition of a panorama require that the viewpoint stay in one place and look outwards?) but StreetView definitely isn't - it is lots of separate small, low-res panoramas (panoramae?), one for each location you can position the viewpoint.

Comment Re:Not new (Score 1) 124

Your suggestion that the Greens only opposed it after they found Labor wouldn't is rubbish. As AC said below (for anyone who can't see ACs), Scott Ludlam (Greens, Western Australia) has been vocally campaigning against it, and educating people about it, since before he was elected. Being technologically literate has always been a big part of his appeal (at least amongst /. types).

Comment Re:5% Gross is a terrible deal (Score 1) 143

Unless you live in North Korea or something, $12,000 gross a year for two people is a hobby-with-benefits, not a business.

That's exactly the point - for a "small-time indie developer" "one- or two-man project" kind of hobby-with-benefits, the engine is free.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 263

Your credibility was completely lost when you typed menu's.

Given the general high quality writing of the post, I think Immerman knows full well that plurals don't usually require apostrophes.
I'm guessing that you are not aware of the usage where certain words ending in vowels have an added apostrophe to emphasise that the "s" isn't part of the root word.
It's rarely used for words these days, but is still common for symbols and non-word constructions ("count the &'s", "mind your P's and Q's").

As an example of why this can still be very useful for words, though: there are two pages on Wikipedia about people named "Peni".
How would you refer to both of them as a group?

Comment Re:Why is the signing useful (Score 1) 80

Expect this certificate to be revoked in near future. This will close that avenue, and cause all machines infected drivers signed by the cert to refuse to load the malware driver.

And cause all machines with legitimate Sony drivers (if there is such a thing?) signed with the same cert to refuse to load those too.

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