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Comment What is amazing to me (Score 1) 108

What is amazing to me is that they *can* use the stingray device on an entire city, but they don't seem to be able to use them around JAILS. You know jails where the inmates aren't supposed to have cell phones but do... and the DoC files for an exception from the FCC and is told they can't install cell phone jammers. Meanwhile the inmates arrange for hits against guards they don't like.

Comment We're aiming for the wrong market (Score 1) 990

Every article I see about electric cars wants to have a drop in replacement for my SUV. What we need is a classification of vehicles that allows lighter cars limited to 50kph. No air bags, no backup cameras, just enough to get me to/from work. Additionally the states could encourage the use of smaller vehicles if they'd allow us to license and tag our cars as a two'fer. Given the choice of a small car that I can't take on a vacation with the kids and a SUV, I'm going to pick the SUV. But if you allow me to license the SUV and add the economy car for an additional $25, I'll buy the econobox to drive to work and keep the SUV at home until I need it. The present laws tend to push us to a one size fits all solution. So fix it so I am encouraged to do the right thing.

Comment Re:How about something "less tech"? (Score 1) 136

Just because you making getting a license harder doesn't mean fewer will drive. Just because you suspend a license doesn't mean they won't drive.

In my area, people drive around all the time with paper tags so faded you can't read them. Police don't enforce it. Drunks get DUIs and keep driving. The state never (seldom) impounds their cars. That would be step in the right direction. My un-insured coverage is /more/ than my liability insurance!

In the past several years the drunks who've lost their cars get mopeds which don't require any licensing or insurance. Except they are 400cc scooters that go 55mph, not mopeds. So now they crash into people's cars and cause havok. The state has just changed the law to require all mopeds to be licensed, but alas, they probably won't enforce that either.

Maybe they should pass a law which says the police have to enforce the laws???

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