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Comment World wide HVDC (Score 1) 313

It strikes me that at approximately every 120 degrees around the earth we have a huge desert. The American SW, Australia and northern Africa. Wouldn't it be great if we could put a metric shitton of photovoltaics in those three locations and tie it all together with a HVDC distribution system? Think of all the people we could employ to keep them wiped clean! And the sun would always be shining on one or two of the locations.

Comment Re:German car corps simply don't get it (Score 1) 296

Renault can't possibly make an electric car.... they can't figure out how to make it burn oil! Full disclosure: in the mid-1990's a german friend had a Renault Espace van. It burned so much oil that it had a oil level gauge on the dash that worked only for a moment while the glow plugs were on. You literally had to check the oil every time you cranked it up.

Comment Re:Movie theaters (Score 3, Insightful) 342

In Savannah GA 16 years ago there was a "dinner and movie" type theater. Casual seating. They served beer and light food like nachos, burgers and wings. The wait staff would walk around in the dim room keeping your beer full. Great concept! I first saw the Matix there. I wish more theaters would do this.
  You know what gets old? sitting thru 20 minutes of previews and /commercials/. Really. I paid my $12 for the movie already, do I have to watch commercials as well???? And thye wonder why people just aren't going to the movies any longer?

Comment What is amazing to me (Score 1) 108

What is amazing to me is that they *can* use the stingray device on an entire city, but they don't seem to be able to use them around JAILS. You know jails where the inmates aren't supposed to have cell phones but do... and the DoC files for an exception from the FCC and is told they can't install cell phone jammers. Meanwhile the inmates arrange for hits against guards they don't like. http://www.wistv.com/story/131...

Comment We're aiming for the wrong market (Score 1) 990

Every article I see about electric cars wants to have a drop in replacement for my SUV. What we need is a classification of vehicles that allows lighter cars limited to 50kph. No air bags, no backup cameras, just enough to get me to/from work. Additionally the states could encourage the use of smaller vehicles if they'd allow us to license and tag our cars as a two'fer. Given the choice of a small car that I can't take on a vacation with the kids and a SUV, I'm going to pick the SUV. But if you allow me to license the SUV and add the economy car for an additional $25, I'll buy the econobox to drive to work and keep the SUV at home until I need it. The present laws tend to push us to a one size fits all solution. So fix it so I am encouraged to do the right thing.

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