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Comment Re:About letting us choose everything? (Score 3, Informative) 156

Win10 has reset my preferences for HTML, PDF and JPG files across several updates. Additionally, it takes a LONG time to boot during these updates. I literally walked in to work one morning needing to send an email. After two reboots and logging in, waiting for Outlook to pop up, I finally gave up and composed my email on my phone. No sooner than I got outlook running, the O/S wanted ANOTHER reboot for another queued update.

Now look at this from the perspective of grandma and grandpa who just want to see the grandkids in email..... The IOS devices and even the android devices boot faster and when they do an update you don't even know it because all the apps stay where they were across the update.

And we wonder why Win10 is losing market share?????

Comment Re:Just those things? (Score 1) 143

The cynic in me says you are right.... I could care less about some things such as Kanye West, but because they can't filter on race, they advertiser will have to pay for my page view.

1)make a rule where you can't filter by race
2)tell marketers they have to pay for useless renderings of their content ....

Comment Re:Preferential voting (Score 1) 1081

Wish I had mod points today for this one..... preferential voting / STV, whatever you call it would be awesome. It would allow 3rd and 4th parties to slip in and flip the duopoly we presently endure in the USA.

Something I do get a kick out of is when people say that some random 3rd party under cut their candidate du jour. They assume that 100% of the third party voters would have voted for their candidate. This isn't true. Take the libertarian party... they want smaller government (attractive to republican voters) and legalization of many drugs (attractive to democrat voters). So I don't really think the 3rd party "spoiler effect" has much validity. The bigger problem is when the top two parties morph so much that they loose their base voters. As an example black people generally vote democrat, but the democrat party lately has started courting gay demographics. This has a negative affect on the black voters who then feel alienated from the party they once supported they stay home or vote 3rd party.

Comment Re:Typical (Score 1) 1368

Lincoln did not accept the secession declaration as the will of the people because the congressmen from the southern states said they were leaving the union. Pretty flimsy argument because we /are/ governed by representatives who speak /for/ the citizens. But alas, that only works when they want it to. The North went on to institute a draft and an income tax to pay for the war. With the exception of a few skirmishes outside of the southern states, the south did not seek to attack or invade the north. There's a reason we call it the "War of Northern Aggression". Even in Charleston SC Fort Sumter was provisioned with food after secession. It was only when the ship Western Star attempted to resupply arms to Fort Sumter that the SC Militia fired on them. But what do I know?

On balance I was very disappointed to read the confederate constitution and find that it actually forbade every abolishing slavery.

Comment Re:NYC protest is pretty big (Score 1) 1368

What did the black lives matter group hope to accomplish by blocking the freeways? All they did was anger regular citizens who may well have been on their side. They should have picketed city hall, the police stations, state capitals and so on..... as it stands neither the anti-trump protesters nor BLM seem to have direction or think things through very well.

Comment World wide HVDC (Score 1) 340

It strikes me that at approximately every 120 degrees around the earth we have a huge desert. The American SW, Australia and northern Africa. Wouldn't it be great if we could put a metric shitton of photovoltaics in those three locations and tie it all together with a HVDC distribution system? Think of all the people we could employ to keep them wiped clean! And the sun would always be shining on one or two of the locations.

Comment Re:German car corps simply don't get it (Score 1) 296

Renault can't possibly make an electric car.... they can't figure out how to make it burn oil! Full disclosure: in the mid-1990's a german friend had a Renault Espace van. It burned so much oil that it had a oil level gauge on the dash that worked only for a moment while the glow plugs were on. You literally had to check the oil every time you cranked it up.

Comment Re:Movie theaters (Score 3, Insightful) 342

In Savannah GA 16 years ago there was a "dinner and movie" type theater. Casual seating. They served beer and light food like nachos, burgers and wings. The wait staff would walk around in the dim room keeping your beer full. Great concept! I first saw the Matix there. I wish more theaters would do this.
  You know what gets old? sitting thru 20 minutes of previews and /commercials/. Really. I paid my $12 for the movie already, do I have to watch commercials as well???? And thye wonder why people just aren't going to the movies any longer?

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