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Comment Re:Conflict of interest (Score 1) 258

Our politicians in South Carolina (I'm sure this isn't unique) use deceptive offsetting when raising taxes. For example, they raise the state sales tax by 1% and call it a penny for progress. They say the 1% will go ONLY to the schools, and it does. The offsetting happens when they take that same 1% that they had been using the fund the schools from another budget area and offset money to their pet projects. The end result is the schools are no better off than before and the public is now paying 1% more in sales tax.

School money got tight in a nearby district a few years ago and they cut a bunch of after school programs. When they came back into some money the next year, they sent out a survey for parents asking which programs should be reinstated. The option "none" was not available.

Local governments *always* look to raise taxes first. They seldom look at what they can cut.

Comment Re:Really, Microsoft? (Score 1) 320

Right about now.... just last week an update broke my wifi driver. I actually rolled back to last week's acronis backup to get my PC working. So yeah, don't know if it is any better, but this morning I'm actually shopping mini-macs for the home PC. Getted damned tired of restarts that take 8 minutes. My tablet will (android and ipad) will both restart like nothing happened. Microsoft has really hosed themselves on this one!

Comment Re:but (Score 1) 105

This is a very good point! I'm watching documentaries on youtube. I had just thought I was missing the good programs on TV, but we got a new DVR that records everything from 8-11pm and there really is little on worth watching. Hollywood is making a lot of hay about losing money and blaming the pirates. I'm thinking hollywood is losing money because they aren't making anything people want to watch.

Comment Re:Illegal Software (Score 1) 105

I also hate the idea of software being illegal. What is illegal is the /use/ of software to get things you otherwise would pay for. I'll draw a parallel to guns. Guns (software) shouldn't be illegal. The use of guns / software to commit crime by a /person/ should be illegal. Alas it is easier to restrict access to the tangible thing than to circumvent human behavor.

Comment Re: Have they added DRM yet? (Score 2, Insightful) 303

Pop Singer? What is the sorcery you speak of? I thought they were /entertainers/. First and foremost, you have to been good looking, we can fix your voice. And if you aren't selling any songs, don't despair, "accidentally" release a sex tape.

You know the number one reason Vinyl sounds better that digital? Because the music was better when they were making vinyl.

Comment Re:About letting us choose everything? (Score 3, Informative) 156

Win10 has reset my preferences for HTML, PDF and JPG files across several updates. Additionally, it takes a LONG time to boot during these updates. I literally walked in to work one morning needing to send an email. After two reboots and logging in, waiting for Outlook to pop up, I finally gave up and composed my email on my phone. No sooner than I got outlook running, the O/S wanted ANOTHER reboot for another queued update.

Now look at this from the perspective of grandma and grandpa who just want to see the grandkids in email..... The IOS devices and even the android devices boot faster and when they do an update you don't even know it because all the apps stay where they were across the update.

And we wonder why Win10 is losing market share?????

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