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Comment Re:Code should be as concise as possible. (Score 1) 181

I never use variable names of more than one character unless all possible single character names have already been used, which rarely happens.

If you're not routinely using up all possible single-character variable names, then you're not making your functions large enough, and/or you're not using enough global variables. You can do better.

Comment Re:Most "automation" isn't, just like this. (Score 5, Insightful) 322

No, "better healthcare outcomes" is a measurment anomaly.

The fact that the average is dragged down because a large percentage of the US population doesn't get adequate health care is not a "measurement anomaly". It's an epic failure.

It's like a C average student claiming: "I'm really a straight-A student! I got As in all the classes I didn't flunk. (And BTW, for some reason my education cost twice as much as that of any other student.)"

Comment Re:Probably Trump (Score 1) 180

Tell me, why do you want to encourage the election participation of people who are too irresponsible to come up with $35* every five years? Is it because your platform sells well with people who can't think past tomorrow?

I'm a conservative, so encouraging poor people to vote actually hurts my party goals.

The problem is that I'm also a staunch defender of rights, and I feel that everyone should be allowed to vote as a right, and not some based on some arbitrary cutoff of responsibility.

[...] but go ahead and keep making the case that it's absolutely vital that people too stupid to get an ID every 5 years should be encouraged to vote.

To quote Malcom Reynolds: "who will speak for these people?"

They can speak for themselves. I stated above I'm fine funding programs that pay for the expenses associated with getting ID's.
If you're against voter ID you're pro-fraud. End of story. You can make any excuse you like (and toss in some claims about being conservative, too).
I see no reason to believe anyone who is making the same arguments as the administration, what with it's star liars Gruber, Rhodes, and the chosen successor Clinton.

Comment Re:Probably Trump (Score 0) 180

Getting an ID costs money in the US, so requiring an ID puts more strain on the poor than the working class.

The annual fee for a drivers license is around $35, a state-issued ID is around $30, and a passport costs $100.

When you're poor, that $35 could pay for 7 meals frugally made.

Social security cards are given out and replaced at no charge, but aren't generally accepted as an ID because they lack pictures.

Tell me, why do you want to encourage the election participation of people who are too irresponsible to come up with $35* every five years? Is it because your platform sells well with people who can't think past tomorrow?

I'm kidding, of course. We all know you're actually interested in promoting electoral fraud, and covering for that fraud with any available argument. Some studies have shown that minority voter participation actually goes up with ID laws- maybe they have more faith that their vote means something- but go ahead and keep making the case that it's absolutely vital that people too stupid to get an ID every 5 years should be encouraged to vote.

*I'd actually be fine funding programs to help people obtain proper ID in order to negate this line of thinking.

Comment Re:Just reformat it to your liking. (Score 1) 523

Reformatting code is a big no-no in shared version-controlled environments.

In many version-controlled environments, a hook is added to the check-in command to automatically run the reformatter, so there are never any diffs in the history caused by the formatting process.

I really don't like some of the settings that were made on the formatter my current project is using, but at least I never have to worry about things like typing lines too long. They're automatically fixed up on commit.

Comment Some of Tyson's thoughts.... (Score 1) 609

...should have died in the pot-fueled dorm room bullsh*t session they were formed in. This is one of them.
Like the article says, scientists are people too, and they may have finely honed their knowledge in their area of expertise, but beyond that, they know as much- or as little- as anyone else.
It's also absurd to think that the selection of topics of study, or the lead 'scientists' in charge of an area of policy, won't be driven by considerations outside of strict evidence. They'll fabricate it to obtain the pre-determined outcome- because that's what they do today in highly charged fields of study.

Comment Re:Second sun (Score 4, Funny) 131

Not having a single sports molecule in my body, I had no clue what they meant by "Juno is a spinning, robotic probe as wide as a basketball court."

Remember when you were in high school and they sometimes made all the students go to a big room where you sat on hard benches and the principal emceed for some brief talks and activities?

That was probably a basketball court.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 2) 622

Um, no. Unless your car is a complete shitbox to start with, or you drive ~100 miles per day every day, keeping it for 10-15 years will not cost you more than replacing it every six years. Depreciation is an accounting trick that only really works in aggregate. If your car is still running in six years time, keep it. You will save the cost of a new car. The fact that yours is worth zero on paper means absolutely nothing if it still works the way it's supposed to.

Bought a '98 Camry about 10 years ago for 8 grand. It's got 253,000 miles on it now. Off the top of my head, I've done the following non-routine maintenance to it:
Exhaust replacement, front to back: $575
Idle air control valve: $800 (Dealer because I didn't have a good cheap mechanic at the time.)
New suspension and steering parts & alignment: $800
Oil leak from oil pump: $500 (estimated mechanic cost, I did it for much less)
New air intake hose: $40

Let's round that up to $3000 in case I've forgotten a few things.

I have a car that is quiet, drives well, doesn't leak, and is reasonably comfortable. It gets 27 mpg and still has sufficient power. The money I've put in it to keep it in good working order for 10 years doesn't add up to 10 months of car payments.

Would I like a newer ride? Sure, and I may get one eventually. The fact is that I can keep this car comfortable and running for cheap money. The occasional $800 hit saves me a few thousand a year.

Comment Re:90% of dinosaurs survived? (Score 3, Insightful) 265

That word, as defined by pedants, is utterly useless. Other than those who hail from one particular ancient civilization that had a certain peculiar military punishment, nobody kills exactly 1 in 10 of anything.

That's why the vast majority of the population who have normal minds use an entirely different definition of the word. A definition that's actually relevant to enough real situations to justify the word's existence.

Comment Re:mcdonalds to get sued? (Score 4, Informative) 274

Coffee is to be served hot.

No, not nearly that hot. Most drip coffee machines *brew* it at the McDonald's temperature, but it is kept at a much lower temperature (around 160F) in the carafe. One reason for this is that it rapidly loses quality if you keep it too hot.

People know what temperature coffee is almost universally served at, and they take the appropriate care. If you fill a cup of coffee from a coffee machine to the brim and carry it around, you just don't need to be that careful because it's just not that hot (unless it's from McDonald's). If you fill the same cup to the brim with water at a full rolling boil out of a pot, you're damned well going to be instinctively much more careful with it, because a small splash could give you serious burns.

You may now post one of your typical obscenity-laced abusive replies. It won't make you any less wrong.

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