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Submission + - Facebook lying about its friend finder

brdsutte writes: So we've come to accept that Facebook knows a lot about us and our friends, and uses that to target ads. But how about them lying about what we do or like and mispresenting our behavior? Every now and then these friend finder ads show up, in which it is claimed that this and that friend already used friend finder. I've checked my mentioned friends, and none of them actually used it. If Facebook is lying about this, why wouldn't it be lying about other user behavior? Any other bad experiences like this? Or any suggestion on how to make them stop?

Single Neuron Wired To Muscle Un-Paralyzes Monkeys 180

GalaticGrub writes "A pair of paralyzed monkeys regained the ability to move their arms after researchers wired individual neurons to the monkeys' arm muscles. A team of researchers at the University of Washington temporarily paralyzed each monkey's arm, then rerouted brain signals from a single neuron in the motor cortex around the blocked nerve pathway via a computer. When the neuron fired above a certain rate, the computer translated the signal into a jolt of electricity to the arm muscle, causing it to contract. The monkeys practiced moving their arms by playing a video game."

Comment Re:tour of duty (Score 1) 257

We fight in defense of the freedom of countries other than just our own. It would seem france (small "f" intentional), and a large swath of Europe owes us pretty big for defensive actions. Also, after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, do you think our response was not defensive? I'd say that our "American army", which you hold in such contempt, had a huge role in saving the world on more than one occasion, even despite your "worldly" opinion.

In more recent developments, Iraqis no longer need fear having their skin severely lacerated and then dragged through pits of raw sewage and left to die for political dissension. It's not a perfect place right now, but military action is not utopia-building. It's for removing threats. Saddam was a threat to allies, and attempted on numerous occasions to shoot down U.S. fighter planes which were doing nothing but protecting U.S. allies in the region by enforcing a no-fly zone, which was a condition of ending the first war.

We U.S.A.ians tend to be expected to use our might to "do something" about all the atrocities around the world, but when we do decide to "do something", another group of pissy pansy pukes (you) pop up and pontificate about how terrible we are, and that we aren't defending anything as much as attacking.

In closing, please go suck dead donkey balls you mindless ignorant liberal-fantasy spewing ass pirate.

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