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Comment You have to know how to secure a Windows 10 PC (Score 5, Informative) 982

Windows 10 has a number of default settings for privacy and security that are too permissive. If you upgrade to Windows 10 you have to know how to change the privacy and security defaults. Also you should be aware that Microsoft tries to force your hand to use a Microsoft Account as your local login. I recommend doing your homework before applying updating to Windows 10. The only reason why I use Windows 10 is because I bought a PC specifically for the purpose of learning how to support Windows 10. I plan to continue to use Windows 7 Professional on my main PC for as long as Microsoft provides support for Windows 7.

Comment Re:reverse ssh (Score 2) 137

I agree that this creates the potential for a hug security that has the potential to compromise the privacy of all of the employees at 500 companies. The consequence of this breach might be worse there is a connection between his servers and a payroll system or any point of sale system. I also wonder his clients are willing to open up the ports required to support remote access to their data centers.

Comment Re:traffic apps (Score 1) 167

I live near Boston. I'd load the MBTA app if I used public transportation. Unfortunately I work in the burbs so I rely upon Google maps for navigation and traffic information. I think about switching back to a flip phone every time Android does something that I don't expect. I'm also much happier with a real keypad instead of a fake keypad. This is why I bought a Nexus 5 so I'm not locked into a carrier contract. The most compelling reason for me to upgrade to a smart phone was to make it much easier to exchange long text messages with my wife and son. Android speech to text is a fun way to send some interesting text messages.

Comment Re:music streamer (Score 1) 167

I took a quick look at the Subsonic web site. It looks like a great app and a nice way to stream my digital music collection. I have to find the time to digitize my analog music collection. Thank you for the recommendation.

Comment I use a conservative less is more approach (Score 2) 167

I upgraded from a flip phone to a Nexus 5 last month. I've taken the less is more approach to loading apps on my phone. I've also tried to avoid installing apps from unknown vendors. I installed Avast Mobile Security to keep the phone secure and virus free. I installed the Kobo app so I can read books when I forget to bring a book or my Kobo eReader. I'm trying to lose some weight so I've installed several fitness apps - Couch-to-5K, DogWalk, FitBit, MapMyRun, MapMyHike, MapMyWalk and MyFitness Pal. I installed the mindfulness app because it has the best meditation timer that I could find on Google Play. I can't remember what other apps I've installed because I uninstalled them once I decided that I wouldn't use them.

I forgot to take my Lego keychain flashlight with me when I walked the dog last night. I was looking for a flashlight app this morning. I couldn't find a flashlight app that didn't collect data that I was willing to share with an unknown vendor. I'm planning to move all my house keys to Lego key chains. I may also hack the leash and use a wire tie to attach a fash light and a set of house keys.

Comment Re:Why not upgrade to Chromebooks? (Score 1) 341

Switching to Chromebooks might not be the best plan for the NHS but it was the best plan for the London Council. The conversion from XP to a new operating system is more likely to be driven by business requirements than it is to be driven by FOSS ideology. Large organizations may prefer to be bound hand and feet to Apple, Google or Microsoft if it meets their business requirements. It's the modern day version of "No one was ever fired for buying IBM."

Comment Re:Why not use GNU/Linux? (Score 1) 341

The Linux desktop environment holy wars are almost as bad as the operating system holy wars. Linux Users Have a Choice: 8 Linux Desktop Environments A lot of companies have adopted Linux in the data center but don't use Linux on the desktop. I suspect that the uncertainty around the future of any given Linux desktop environment is a good reason for companies to stick to Mac OS or Windows.

Comment Re:Why not use GNU/Linux? (Score 1) 341

Switching to a new operating system is simple in theory but difficult in practice. I work at a company that delayed an upgrade to Windows 7 for several years because critical applications would only work with Internet Explorer 6. Linux is free but there are other costs associated with switching to Linux. I suspect that the training costs alone would be an enormous part of the project budget.

Comment Re:Capital Crime (Score 2) 152

There is no requirement to carry identity cards in the UK or the US. Ration cards were used as a national identity card during the second world war. My grandfather committed an act of civil disobedience when he was stopped for speeding after the war. He refused to show his ration card because the war was over. His act of civil disobedience was debated in parliament and is one of the reasons why there are no national identity cards in the UK. British Identity Cards: Arguments For and Against their Retention and Use 1945-1952 Doesn't mention my grandfather but does provide a good overview of the postwar debate about national identity cards.

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