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Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1149

I'm well aware there are gun nuts. The problem is that politicians and the NRA do everything in their power to scare everyone into thinking that it's just a matter of time before the government comes and takes your guns. And then it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to totalitarianism. Politicians lie their asses off to incite fear and there are zero repercussions for it and there are too many stupid people to see it for what it is. In short, guns are just a political football.

Personally, I have no problem with gun control and there definitely needs to be more of it. It's FAR too easy to get a firearm in this country. Hell, you have to take a written test and a driving test to get a driver's license but you don't have to know anything about guns (and how to safely use them). The second amendment needs to be rewritten.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1149

Or are more people killed with guns just because it's easier? If guns disappeared from the planet, would people switch to knives or some other tool? My concern with people putting so much focus on guns is simply that it side-steps the big issue: mental health. The mental health system in the US is terrible. There have been lots of news stories about over the years, but nothing ever changes. Gun deaths are a side-effect of something else.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1149

I would guess people using drugs or knives to slit their wrists to die are really just making a cry for help. It's extremely easy to OD on drugs if that's your goal. And if you don't know how to slit your wrists correctly, it will take hours for you to die. If you use a gun, you're not playing really want to die. In any event, I agree they are very effective tools for killing; however, people wanting to kill in the first place have serious mental problems. The US has an abysmal mental health system. It's probably the worst in first world countries. Our crazy people usually just end up in jails or prisons and then are released when their time is served. There used to be asylums but they went out of favor because the became synonymous with patient abuse but there needs to be something like that in place, as well as free mental health care for anyone who needs it.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1149

I already read Moby Dick, but thanks for the suggestion shitbrick. And you never refuted anything. All you did was make a separate argument or to act as if my argument was some kind of distraction just because it doesn't fit your narrow world view.

Your problem is that you think you know me and what makes me tick and you don't. I don't give a fuck about distractions. I don't need them, especially with people of your intellect.

Your fake outrage about me telling you to "take art classes", you can shove up your ass as well since you implied I was somehow trying to pull the wool over your eyes and said that was "telling". That's fucking insulting. Sorry but actual arguments are not distractions. I'm also sorry they're inconvenient for you but, tough shit. Grow up. You can't win them all. While you're at it, request a refund from whatever institution educated you (if any), because you got short changed hard.

Finally, fuck off and die. We're done here.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1149

The fact that you can't refute my arguments is telling. I have no reason to be ashamed, whatsoever. You write like a politician with an agenda rather than a regular Joe with a real argument. You probably think I'm some alt-right, gun-nut, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I even favor gun control. I voted for Hillary. However, I have problems with people using ridiculously poor logic to support their positions. Your imagination is very limited. Maybe you should take some art classes.

Oh, congrats on killing things. I have guns and have never killed anything.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1149

I would debate the "inexpensive" part of it as there are numerous ways to kill that require FAR less money. For example, knives are a device designed to cut or kill things. This notion that a whackjob like the guy in the story would not be daunted by not being able to get a gun. Personally, I'd rather be killed by a gunshot than stabbed to death, but that's just me.

Comment Re:I blame Trump. (Score 1) 1149

"500 white people are killed by blacks every year and 200 blacks are killed by whites every year. One group is 70% of the country, the other is 13% of the country."

What's your point? Are you suggesting that blacks are targeting whites? Or are you suggesting we owe darker skin folks some deaths to make up for the disparity? Your stat makes no relevant sense to this conversation.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 2, Insightful) 1149

It's not a good thing, but you're also making a big assumption. That he wouldn't have killed otherwise if this guy didn't have access to firearms. There are many, many ways to kill someone. The guy could have waited for your coworker to leave the restaurant and simply run him over with his car or attacked him with a machete. You're only limited by your imagination. This notion that guns have some kind of magic killing power that doesn't readily exist elsewhere is pure nonsense. The bottom line is that if this guy REALLY wanted to kill middle easterners (or whatever), he would find a way. Guns are just one of a million ways to express violence.

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