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Comment It actually works! (Score 1) 165


Submission + - Google Suggest censors a world-top-10 blog

orzetto writes: Beppe Grillo, operator of one of the top 10 blogs worldwide, reports that the Italian version of Google is hiding his name from the tooltips that appear automatically as one is writing a search term ("Google Suggest"). Much less known Beppes appear in the list (such as TV host Bigazzi, journalist Severgnini and a dozen of others), but Grillo's tooltip is absent even when writing his name in full.

Whereas the article claims that also others, such as Sabina Guzzanti and Marco Travaglio, were hidden in the same way, this does not seem to be the case to me (I am browsing from Italy right now). Grillo's name has been censored only from the Italian version of Google, google.it, not google.com where he is present and is actually ranking close to the top. This leads to some oddities: despite the fact that "Grillo" (which is a common Genoese surname) means "cricket", there is no Google-Suggest hit for it, whereas e.g. "formica" (ant) and other insects have plenty. Even Pinocchio's talking cricket ("grillo parlante") seems to have been censored as collateral damage. Note, however, that entering "Beppe Grillo" by yourself will report his blog among the search results.

Beppe Grillo, who is politically very active, has been at odds with the Italian political establishment for years now, and his blog was likely the main target of a draconian law proposal previously discussed here; the proposal was later retracted.

Comment Re:Can somebody 'splain this? (Score 2, Interesting) 361

Take a hollow toothbrush. Fill it with toothpaste. Then take a hollow shaving razor. Fill it with shaving foam. Now glue the toothbrush to the razor. For kicks, lets also glue a fork, a knife and a spoon to this appartus.

Now I claim you can brush your teeth, shave, eat your breakfast, butter your bread, drink your soup - all with this one appartus.

So then why do we have a separate toothbrush, razor, spooon, fork etc ? Is it because we want to ensure the employment of spoonmakers worldwide ?

Without CP, MBS, CDOs honestly there is no way you can run a modern industrial economy. You can glue them up into one savings account, but it would be as unwieldy as your toothbrush-cum-razor-cum-fork.

I built most of this financial gobbledegook in a previous life...

Submission + - 22 Dead In Virginia Tech Shooting

nexuspal writes: 22 confirmed dead at Virginia Tech. Shooter killed some at residence hall then two hours later killed others in classrooms. Worst school shooting in US history. CNN Link

Submission + - Shooting Massacre at Virginia Tech

ConcernedStudent writes: "A violent gunman has apparently unleashed a deadly massacre on the famed science and tech campus, Virginia Polytechnic University (better known as Virginia Tech). The first reports of gunshots were received by police around 7:15 A.M. but shooting continued across the campus for hours longer. Over 25 people are now confirmed dead with many more injured. The shooter appears to have either killed himself or to have been killed by responding police officers. The New York Times has posted front page coverage, and the local Roanoke Times has been providing blog-style coverage, updated regularly. NYT Link — http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/16/us/16cnd-shootin g.html?hp Roanoke Times Link — http://www.roanoke.com/news/nrv/breaking/wb/113294 "

Submission + - OTC Fat Pills FDA Approved

SuperJew writes: "The prescription diet pill Xenical has recently been FDA approved for over-the-counter sales in the US.. This marks the first the the FDA has backed an over-the-counter diet pill. All the others available at the drug store have that nice "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA" warning on them, but this one, to be called Alli won't carry that label. With over 65% of Americans overweight, does this "miracle-pill" from GlaxoSmithKline mark a new era in fat-meds?"

Submission + - University professor chastised for using Tor

Irongeek_ADC writes: "As reported in the The Chronicle of Higher Education, University IT "professionals" came knocking on Professor Censarini's door asking about why he was using the Tor network. While there they also asked that he not teach his students about it, and said it was likely against university policy. An interesting read that goes to show even Universities are turning big brother."

Submission + - Chomsky in feature film on Outsourcing to India

agslashdot writes: "Project Outsourced, a 150 minute indie docu on Outsourcing of IT jobs to India, now on Google Video in 6 parts — Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Features Brian Behlendorf ( Apache ), Dr. Noam Chomsky (MIT), Dr. Dennis Dalton(Columbia), Dr. William Easterly( NYU) and a host of economists, programmers & venture capitalists."

Feed Indians Buy Organs With Impunity (wired.com)

Authorities have arrested three organ brokers in the state of Tamil Nadu, where hundreds of people say they've illegally sold their organs while government authorities turned a blind eye. One official admits as much. By Scott Carney.

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