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Comment Only SD though. (Score 1) 71

I just tried Netflix in Chrome and Firefox on Ubuntu. It works but only in standard def for me. Amazon prime video was similar, it worked but only SD. I've cancelled both subscriptions. I dont get why they place these restrictions; theyre inconveniencing paying customers whilst not preventing the ripping of the content. Loose loose situation?!

Comment Badly behaved adverts are the problem (Score 1) 109

I believe the problem on mobile devices is not per say well behaved adverts, but instead its adverts that cause the page to morph or change some seconds after it is rendered. My local newspapers website is virtually unusable on my android tablet device. The page loads, you start reading, or decide what to click on next and suddenly the content moves down the page so that an advert can appear...

Comment Re:Thinkpad T-series (Score 3, Insightful) 237

Can confirm Thinkpad X series laptops work really well too, perhaps even better than with Windows 7. I have a Thinkpad X220 which has been used almost exclusively with Ubuntu LTS since Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I use this with a Lenovo Minidock Series 3 Plus, 2 large 1200p monitors and full sized peripherals. Everything works mosty OK. Interestingly in Windows 7 moving windows around on the desktop caused the sound to drop out... I've recently installed Ubuntu 14.04 on a Thinkpad X240, and everything seemed to work well out of the box here too. Higher end Thinkpads are a pretty safe bet for Linux support.

Comment Re:DD-WRT on Buffalo hardware (Score 5, Informative) 193

A properly configured and set up PC based router with appropriate active or passive cooling will be more reliable than ARM SoC based solutions due to the additional speed providing additional routing capacity. Most SoC solutions ive seen have insufficient power for reliable operation under anything more than a moderate load. Source: I manufacture and install PC based routers in places where ordinary routers are becoming unstable

Comment How to best filter facebook? My experience?totally (Score 1) 454

Among managing IT for approaching 100 users I run the internet filter for a youth group. We provide free internet terminals for them to use. We used to score pages on facebook myspace bebo etc based on keywords. We need to allow https traffic for various reasons. Facebook are now pushing their user base towards https for profile pages to prevent various cookie hijack based attacks, this means we cant effectively filter their traffic, therefore I have suggested it should be entirely blocked. You cant filter https.

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