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Comment Re:"Convoluted paths"? (Score 1) 46

Yes indeed. I live in New Zealand which is probably the second most remote large land mass for internet access behind only Antarctica (and maybe Iceland) and our internet connection to the rest of the world is quite acceptable. I enjoy 80Mb/s to servers in Europe. Cuba's internet issues have very little to do with geography.

Comment Re:Arrest warrent is being drawn up now (Score 1, Insightful) 337

If I send a request to a server and it sends a response back, how can that be illegal?

It's illegal to rob a house, even if the door is unlocked.

That analogy is a poor one. It's like someone left their back door open and when asked "can I come in" they say "yes".

I can send millions of requests to a poorly secured bank server, until I find a username password that gets a "logged in" response back. I can send a request after that to move money, and the server sends a response back with a reciept.

These are all things the server was configured to do. But I think most people would recognize that as theft.

It would be a poorly configured server. Again, the situation is different. Nothing is taken in the case of a server sending you files. It's not like taking money at all.

Comment Re:Ain't just Apple (Score 2, Insightful) 212

I don't think the words "morally" and "taxation" belong in the same sentence. No matter how you think a society should be run, the forced confiscation of private property using a threat of violence is not moral. I am not proposing an alternative, but a lack there-of does not make extortion in any way "moral".

Comment Re:Apple Tv is for suckers (Score 1) 111

The AppleTV fits well within the tech ecosystem I have at home, it just works after plugging it in and the price is so low as to consider to be pretty much free. As a bonus I get a Netflix app, RedbullTV and Flikr with no additional configuration. VPNing thorugh to different countries is simple too.

Comment Re:Interesting public-private partnership (Score 1) 124

Nice that the NZ government pitched in.

It would be interesting to try something like this on a bigger scale.

I disagree. If I wanted my money to be used for this then I would have donated to the cause. I don't want an organisation making that choice for me. let me choose where my money is spent. I am a New Zealander.

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