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Comment Re:Apple Tv is for suckers (Score 1) 111

The AppleTV fits well within the tech ecosystem I have at home, it just works after plugging it in and the price is so low as to consider to be pretty much free. As a bonus I get a Netflix app, RedbullTV and Flikr with no additional configuration. VPNing thorugh to different countries is simple too.

Comment Re:Interesting public-private partnership (Score 1) 124

Nice that the NZ government pitched in.

It would be interesting to try something like this on a bigger scale.

I disagree. If I wanted my money to be used for this then I would have donated to the cause. I don't want an organisation making that choice for me. let me choose where my money is spent. I am a New Zealander.

Comment Re:Religion poisons everything (Score 2) 404

>"So you have to add in there the bits about not eating shellfish, wearing mixed thread garments and homosexuality."

Old testament, not Jesus' teachings.

>"It's only in the New Testament that the idea of an eternity of hell for not believing is introduced. Is this moral? NO! It it not. "Love me or burn forever" is not a moral teaching."

Nope. Jesus never said anything about hell- that is an invention of others.

>"The teachings of Christianity as evidenced in the Bible *are* barbaric. Slavery. Torture. Stonings. The subjugation of women [...] You are commanded to kill your neighbour for working on the sabbath?"

Nope again- Jesus never taught any of that. I think you are still stuck on the old testament.

It's all very confusing. Isn't Jesus and God the same thing? Didn't this god command those things in the old testament? This god is not supposed to change it's mind on things. It's all very schizophrenic.

I take the more reasoned approach: none of it is real. it's all poppycock. It needs to go the way of alchemy and phrenology. In the meantime I maintain the opinion that Christianity is an immortal belief system.

Comment Re:Religion poisons everything (Score 1) 404

You do not go to hell for not believing. You go to hell for committing evil.

Except that you can commit truly heinous atrocities and ask for foregiveness, and you will be spared. What an absolutely immoral teaching. It undoes all we know about ethics and personal responsibility.

Unholy things cannot be united with a holy God. If that sounds unpalatable, apparently Christ agreed, since he was willing to suffer and die to circumvent that on your behalf.

Vicarious redemption is an extremely immoral teaching. The idea that someone else can take the burden of your sins. This is scape-goating and it's a disturbing and unethical teaching.

Do all non-believers (upon death) go to hell without any secondary consideration? Some people do think that, but that's not laid out in any clear fashion. What is clear is that if you repent of evil deeds and choose Christ's path instead, you may have ever confidence of remaining in that forever.

There is no hell. It's a fairy tale. Threats of going there are like threats of being sent to Mordor. It's a made up place. Fiction.

Abrahamic religion is at it's core made up of immoral teachings.

Comment Re:Religion poisons everything (Score 1) 404

Were you mistakingly thinking I was talking only of Islam? I was referring to all of the Abrahamic religions. Christianity is not better. If someone rapes your daughter the punishment is that the rapist must marry her. Is that a moral teaching? No, it is not. Pretending these barbaric ideas are good and just is like arguing that ice is hot.

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