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Comment Re: C and C++ (Score 1) 630

Full controll about what? So you prefer to be unproductive like 1/3rd of the speed you have when working with C over having a high and easy productivity when working with C++? That is beyond me ....

Sorry, your answer makes no sense. It sounds like a C++ hater who has jo idea what he is hating. But don't feel onlieged to give a more sensual answer.

You'd better read more carefully, dude!
I do use C++ for web applications. That's about 80% of my code.
For tools (CLI) and server (TCP+CLI) I still prefer C as I get full control of the program with libuv (events), liblfds (containers), jemalloc (better memory management) and little more.
As all the rest is just application logic that is more or less the same in C++ and in C.
But, please, don't feel obliged to give more nonsensical counter-comments. I won't give those a damn!
The language of choice, to me, is a mix of religious beliefs, comfortable usage and programming habits. But that'd be just me. Not you.

Comment Re:How would they do that? (Score 1) 500

1. They install a mobile modem (with sim) into every tractor

This, I expect. It's what auto manufacturers are doing.

But tractors are not meant to run where cars do, like cities, villages, crowded highways...
I mean, could you expect tractors to stay in an area with stable mobile coverage? Or aren't they meant to run on vast rural emptinesses where you haven't (almost) any?
In any case, a Faraday cage would help the owners in protecting their properties.
Again, a tech savvy owner has plenty of means to do it.

Comment How would they do that? (Score 1) 500

I wonder how can John Deere remotely lock a tractor.
I see only two options:
1. They install a mobile modem (with sim) into every tractor or
2. They require the tractor to go online (via WiFi) every day or so.
In any case I see easy ways to circumvent option no.2. But with option no.1 they'd be assuming universal mobile coverage across all USA, which seems not to be the case...

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