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Comment Re:Hydrogen? (Score 1) 195

Those "scientists" don't say from where the hydrogen is taken, despite this is a key point. Period.
And if it's taken from air water, there should be also plenty of O2 also produced. But this is not mentioned.
So H2 must come from somewhere else. That is not mentioned as well. This is what I am questioning.
Then, you my friendly moderator, please take into consideration if it's more important the moon I am pointing at, or the finger I am using to point.

Comment Re:Hydrogen? (Score 1) 195

The amounts of water in the air is highy variable, so would the amount of fuel produced and the effectivenss of these cells.
For example, in the Sahara desert as close as possible to the equator you have plenty of sun light, but very little water vapor in the air. While photovoltaic would be great there, this solution would be really bad.
So, why not mentioning at all from where the hydrogen is taken?

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