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Data Storage

Europeans Bury "Digital DNA" Inside a Mountain 161

adeelarshad82 writes "In a secret bunker deep in the Swiss Alps, European researchers deposited a 'digital genome' that will provide the blueprint for future generations to read data stored using defunct technology. The sealed box containing the key to unpick defunct digital formats will be locked away for the next quarter of a century behind a 3-1/2 ton door strong enough to resist nuclear attack at the data storage facility, known as the Swiss Fort Knox. The capsule is the culmination of the four-year 'Planets' project, which draws on the expertise of 16 European libraries, archives, and research institutions, to preserve the world's digital assets as hardware and software is superseded at a blistering pace. The project hopes to preserve 'data DNA,' the information and tools required to access and read historical digital material and prevent digital memory loss into the next century."

Comment Peanut gallery critics (Score 1) 524

I bought one for my wife, it came yesterday, I'm impressed. Very easy on the eyes to read a long time without eye strain. I find the not-bright white less strain on the eyes.

I've been buying technical literature as much as I can lately as PDF files. Partly because they are cheaper and I was not liking the pile of books in boxes in the garage that are now obsolete, taking up space and I don't know what to do with them.

Beyond being able to send MS Word, HTML, TXT and images there are converters for PDF and other ebook formats that once converted will make them available over your wireless network. True the formatting of these methods tends to get munged but are quite readable.

Last night I bought an Oreilly PDF about Facelets, sent it to the email address of the Kindle and within minutes was comfortably reading.

As for the tiresome rants about DRM from the basement dwelling, mouth breathing geeks that know nothing about a Kindle...

Re-read the above, read more about what this thing can do, look at one, note my sig

And get off my lawn!


Here Comes iPhone Nano, But Not In the US 177

jehovajerieh writes to us in the time-honored tradition of rampant Apple speculation, pointing to an article over on IBTimes suggesting that while the iPhone Nano may be on the way, the US might not be the first to experience this gadget bliss. "Despite limited information in the supplier channels and typical secrecy with new Apple products, insiders have confirmed that the iPhone nano is not yet in the testing labs at AT&T, Marshal says, leading him to believe that the launch will most likely be with a non-US carrier. 'Obviously, the best-case scenario here would be a China launch (~600mil+ wireless subscribers total in the country), but we have no definitive knowledge of this and are working on identifying the [locale] of launch and other pertinent details,' he said."

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