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Comment Re:Ask the credit card for a refund (Score 1) 307

If you've already paid the bill for the hotel room and they then charge your card again for the £100 because they kept your details on file, can't you then just say to the credit card company that it's a fraudulent payment on your card rather than a dispute? Afterall, they don't have your authorisation to charge your card a second time for the £100.

Comment Re:Fitness pretty much covers it (Score 1) 427

I'm curious now - would any of the health apps or pulse-rate apps or heart-monitoring apps on a phone/smart-watch have warned her of such a condition (I'm genuinely interested). If so and it's a simple check that could be done using any smartphone/watch then it could down on tragic events like your aunt's in a simple quick test anyone could do.

Comment Re:Crema? (Score 1) 192

I can't remember where I read it[citation needed] but I remember somewhere that the tiny air bubbles in foamed milk do something with the tastebuds on your tongue and enhance the flavour. The same is likely true of the bubbles in the crema so probably it tastes better than normal espresso

Comment Re:Fitness pretty much covers it (Score 1) 427

Fitness sensors and apps seem to be a common thing to put into phone/watch these days, but how useful are they actually? I do plenty of sport (jogging, cycling, playing hockey) and have done so over the last 20 years, but at no point in my life have I ever thought "Wow, I wish I knew what my pulse-rate was right-now!". It may be of use to professional athletes, but to the normal person who does exercise to keep fit or for fun, knowing your pulserate etc is pointless. To me, cramming these fitness sensors into phones and watches is a solution in search of a problem.

Comment Re:Acceptable battery life (Score 1) 427

Taking it off your wrist and plugging it in may not take more than about 30s, but it's a hassle that you should be able to live without. Nothing's hard about plugging it in, but the point of technology is to make things *easier* for you, rather than harder. It's not hard, but why should you have to do it?

My car has automatic wipers that turn on when it starts raining. Same for the headlights when it goes dark. It's not *hard* for me to flick a stalk with my fingers to turn them on/off, but technology working to save me effort and make my life a bit easier. At the moment I don't have to plug my watch in - having to do extra steps I didn't have to before is a step backwards.

Comment Crema? (Score 1) 192

Normally when you pull a shot of coffee it comes out as a very liquidy foam and then it separates out to give you the crema (head) on top - a dark brown foam about 5mm thick.
In microgravity, this wouldn't separate out so the espresso would be a homogeneous dark brown foam throughout rather than the espresso we see down here on earth. I wonder what it'd be like.

Comment I hope waze app doesn't disappear (Score 1) 153

I've been using Waze for ages and have an older iPhone so can't use apple's built-in nav. I use a combination of google maps and waze. Waze's navigation is sometimes a bit quirky and I've noticed that google's routing is better (also offers walking and cycling routing). Searching in google maps is far superior to Waze, though for some reason they *still* can't search your contacts on your phone!

The actual UI in waze is much better than google though. For some reason, google maps nav always seems to lag about 50m behind where I actually am (which means I've missed a few turnings a couple of times) whereas waze is spot on. Also, Waze is the only nav app I've ever used that zooms out enough. When coming off a motorway, it will be zoomed out enough for you to see the next turning so you know whether to be in the left/right lane of the slip road. All other maps don't zoom out far enough to show you this so you have to guess and switch at the last minute when you get close enough to the roundabout to see where you are going next.

I really hope that google doesn't kill the waze app after 'integrating' it into google maps.

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