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Comment Re:Hackers? (Score 1) 291

1. Disable the Windows "run" command to piss me off.
2. Don't allow me to click on the clock to see a calendar.
3. Block web sites randomly for "security" reasons. (Hint: I'm a doctor. If I'm going to a web site I either have some legitimate reason to, or I'm goofing off because I have some critical patient that I'm stuck in the hospital with.)
4. Throw up wireless networks with some idiotic click through screen before it will route anything, thus breaking every automated device on the market.

Probably any of us on Slashdot could do a better job than some of these idiots.

1. It's because we like to piss you off
2. Because windows has shitting admin rights, and only admins should be allowed to change the time, and unfortunately this ties in with your meaningless capability to click on the stupid clock to see a calendar. You remember how you wanted that new pretty version of outlook so bad? USE IT, it has a calendar, as well as your stupid EMR software probably does.
3. It's random because it's always the sites "you go to".... Wrong. Go RTFM. Websites are blocked usually be a predefined list that is not produced by your IT staff. However, they do have the ability to unblock it but probably wont because you're attitude smells like dogshit.
4. There are numorous reasons as to why this is done, probably none of which you are capable of understanding because i get the impression that you are like all the doctors i worked for in the past that follow the mentality of ME ME ME!!!

I mean, after all, it is you who makes the $500k a year and pays IT's salary and for the internet, you SHOULD be able to do whatever you want, right? You should have admin rights to install whatever you damn well please too, right? Might as well just start printing out all the patient records and handing them out as fliers to any passer by, because that's exactly what that type of attitude will get you.

Go be a doctor and let the IT professionals do their job.

Comment BOFH says, GTFO! (Score 1) 1307

Well It's too bad you didn't share the clinic and/or hospital because I'd be emailing a HIPPA violation instead of this comment. You do understand that IT allows you to surf the web during all that downtime you probably have. You don't bite the hand that feeds you. /facepalm

You have good intentions and you want to work more efficiently but the execution was bad. You should involve the IT staff and got them on board because then you wouldn't be at risk for possibly loosing your job.
My advice is, take your initiative to another workplace that will appreciate it with infrastructure in place that suites your working desires. Docs are cheap and they would rather pocket the money for a server than allow you and your co-workers to be productive. They will also go as far as telling the accountant to not fund the 401k with employer contributions because they'd rather have a bonus for that quarter and the funds can be done later(which was a lie but...whatever).

Comment Re:It should be: 4+3+2=x+2 (Solve for x) (Score 1) 1268

Therein lies the problem. You're treating an unassigned value as zero. Zero is a value. ( ) has no value, but can contain one. Logic would denote that to balance the equation, one would add some value somewhere. That somewhere is obviously within the brackets that currently have no value.

Logic would also denote that you should know what the hell you're talking about. If the ( ) is supposed to represent a circle as to where you place your answer it could then make sense. Algebra has rules, parentheses have rules. Zero is a value, and because there is nothing with in the parentheses, it's assume a zero value and there for the the problem is incorrect.

Parentheses are not a place holder, they are not a variable. That is logic, and I encourage you to go ask a Math professor at your local University.

Comment Re:This is pretty much what I've been telling peop (Score 1) 973

>>>This planet has an expiration date.

Yeah 5 billion years into the future.

Actually it's going to be around 1 Million years. We're slowing moving out of the "Habitable Zone", which we're already on the inner edge of to begin with, and that will happen much sooner than when the Sun begins to expand during it's Red Dwarf stage. http://www.spacedaily.com/news/extrasolar-99m.html
Also the Moon is moving away from us and in about 1-2 Billion years our axis wont be stable which will cause profound weather changes. http://www.seti.org/Page.aspx?pid=769

Comment I gots teh 5 bars (Score 1) 534

Okay, wait a second here Apple. You found a "bug" in your software that misrepresents signal strength, but does it in a way to make AT&T look like they have good coverage? I'm seeing this as it's own, separate issue than the antenna one. My first thought is, was that intentional? Really makes you wonder how the people in New York were feeling when they'd look at their iPhone and have 5 bars but just dropped a call. Now they'll see the truth of one bar, so does this make it some sort of "false advertisement" by either or both parties?

I also am not understanding this philosophy of everyone saying, "Well just return it" blah blah blah {insert kesha song here}. Yeah, sure you can return it. There is obviously something wrong with something you bought though, and you may really enjoy this product and you'd rather see the issue fixed rather than give up what you use daily. I am less inclined to believe you will get Apple to fix the issue by doing a recall of the phone by having a mass of people return it versus having that mass file class action lawsuits that end in forcing Apple to legally do so. I highly doubt Apple will do anything about the antenna problem without some sort of legal action, but I also believe it will have to be better than a class action lawsuit. It should be the FCC coming after them.

In the end, kinda makes me wonder if Steve made his cronies "fix" a iPhone 4 for him so he wont have the problems because I bet he's pissed for lookin like a fool with his pants on the ground!


Apple Hires Antenna Engineers. Really. 417

kangsterizer writes "Sometimes, news items are just about a good laugh. You may or may not like Apple, but the way it has been handling its antenna issue has been like a small tech soap opera — Steve Jobs, the CEO, saying 'not to hold the phone that way,' rumors of software issues, and the latest but most crunchy part, since the antenna issue has been widely discovered, on 23 June, several 'antenna engineer' positions opened up at Apple. Seems someone got fired: Antenna engineer job position 1, Antenna engineer job position 2, Antenna engineer job position 3." I just figure they did all their testing in California, where AT&T dropping calls is as common as $4 coffees.

Comment Re:A Natural OPSEC Move (Score 1, Flamebait) 82

As a Marine Vet, I'd have to agree with the previous poster. You give up your rights when you sign to serve your country. You welcome the dictatorship over the democracy you swore to protect. You're rights are those given to you by your NCO's or CO's. The USAF is more like a glorified civilian anyways, so I guess you probably wouldn't understand.

I agree with doing away with those stupid social networking sites while you are in. You get phone privileges and can call home while overseas. The only people that would be severally pissed off would be all the POG's and Fobits that abuse that shit daily while there. You probably wont catch many grunts willing to waste their fucking time on that shit, I guarantee that. From patrols to post duty, when you are afforded your time to sleep, you do that over playing on the internet.

Semper Fi!
Semper gumby!
Kill'em all and let God sortem out!

Comment No evidence of drm affecting sales? (Score 2, Insightful) 372

Well no shit. Last time i check the population is growing, not at a standstill or decline. So us older folks who grew up in a non DRM gaming environment to what we have now are the ones that avoid that shit with a plague unlike our younger counter parts who most of which probably have no clue what DRM is. If they do, they don't give a shit, they're having fun playing their game one way or another. It wasn't their money if they bought it and they become a "rebel" once they hack it and have bragging rights to their friends to sound uber cool!

However, this doesn't justify DRM's methods of preventing piracy. I think this guy has it right: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/yt-mt4BpnfAN-o/how_anti_piracy_screws_over_people_who_buy_pc_games/
Enjoy! :D

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