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Comment Re:Like a WiiMote! (Score 1) 60

the big difference is, that the wiimote needs to have an IR camera. In the presented method the receptors are cheap infrared sensors. The position is calculated by decoding the patterns the projectors send.
A similar technique has been used to calibrate the image of a projector to a surface. Here is a video:

Comment Re:Sez who? (Score 2, Insightful) 753

You view is flawed:
  • government and businesses do not always have the same interests.
  • if the government invests into research it might _not_ need private businesses to pay for the outcome of some research. In other words: the research might benefit every citizen and not just the owners of some businesses.
  • Not many businesses (let alone individuals) have the means to do important research. The government is, for instance, one of the rare ones being able to build nuclear colliders.
  • Sure, some "ivory-tower" bureaucrat will decide into which area most of the money will go to. For the US probably a big part will go into the car-industry to catch up with the other countries, but just by balancing the money the bureaucrat can't do _that_ much wrong. In the worst case the US will become specialized in some area.
    The real decision what to research is usually done by the universities and research institutes.

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