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Comment Dalvik goes away in Lollipop (Score 1) 437

From what I've read, the Dalvik runtime is going away with Lollipop, and not all apps run correctly (at least yet) with the new ART runtime.

So assuming that Lollipop is even available for your device (and relatively bug-free), will all the applications you use run with ART?

As we know, a shiny new OS does you no good if it won't run your apps.

Comment C starts at 70? (Score 1) 617

From TFA: "anything mark under a 70 will be a failing score" (sic).

D always started at 70 where I'm from...go figure. The local district here shows numerical grades on report cards and then lets you match them up to a letter grade if you care to.

Comment Two examples (perhaps a little OT) (Score 1) 283

Two meetings in my career have stood out as examples of poorly put-together meetings:

  1. The weekly status meeting in the room with an automatic light switch, where the lights went out because there wasn't enough movement in the room.
  2. Another weekly status meeting (in another company) where my coworker got angry with our project leader, and threatened to continue the discussion outside in, say, a more physical manner.

We often hear about the 5 W's in school--perhaps those planning meetings could focus a little more on the Who and Why, as opposed to the What, Where, and When?

Oh, we were talking about corporate meetings. Never mind.

P.S. - instead of being fired, my coworker was moved to another project, working with newer technology and not having to deal wiith daily production issues. Talk about sending a message to the rest of the staff!

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