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Comment Re:20 years (Score 1) 308

I second that, and I have visited some fucked up corners of the internet in my time. The only time I saw something that could be classified as underage porn was on 4chan, go figure. That's the reason I don't visit this site and other *chans anymore, because I do not want to see images that show children in a sexual context. I simply do not want stuff like that in my subconsciousness. But nobody will stumble on child porn accidentally or by using Google/Bing, especially not in 2013. At best this is a publicity stunt, at worst it's salami-slice strategy to introduce more censorship.

Comment Just happens to some men as they are getting older (Score -1, Flamebait) 815

There are quite a few men that discover when they are getting older that they are gay. That they either were gay the whole time and just didn't realize or admit it, or that they became gay along the way. Some leave their families to live with a partner of the same sex, some just buy a Mac. Nothing wrong with that if it makes them happy, I guess.

Comment Re:Relax, it's just a Hamburg court (Score 1) 285

the pirate party has been gaining considerable traction causing some rethinking in the bigger parties

Really? Maybe you should know that one public figure of the German pirate party, Christopher Lauer, has stated that the pirate party would shut down the pirate bay if they could.
See here for yourself: (in German, obviously).

He is a dumb ****, like most of the other party members whose only expertise consist in knowing how to talk shit on twitter, but still that's what he said, that the party wants to shut down the site they got their name from.

Comment Re:Food myths (Score 5, Informative) 619

People who think meat is inefficient compared to vegetable don't understand that Grazing animal use the massive tracts of un-airable land and don't require labor and oil and pesticide intensive production techniques. [...] Eat a banana and it probably traveled 2500 miles, was grown in a chopped-down rain forest, with massive amounts of pesticide.

Excuse me, but you are either extremely naive or an idiot! You really think that the animals that were farmed for meat all grazed happily on green meadows? Yeah sure! These are all lies after all: "The escalation in forest destruction is driven by the global livestock industry. The vast majority (above 80%) of soybeans are bound for animal feedlots, providing protein for cattle, hogs and poultry. The European Union (EU) is the largest importer of Argentinian soybean meal, with imports to EU agribusinesses accounting for almost 50% of all global trade in soymeal (3)."

Comment Re:Please Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! (Score 2) 252

For all of you Android haters that want a true Linux phone experience! Built with blessed APIs and running the latest mainline Linux kernel. This is your chance to prove us that a phone OS built using a fully open source development methods works. I am sick of going to conferences and hearing about how Android is bad for the community etc and then these same people pull out Apple iPhones. Needed to get that off my chest! :-)

If it had a keyboard i would buy one, guaranteed! But without one it doesn't appeal to me at all, alas! Sent from my N900

Comment Eric Schmidt is the problem (Score 4, Interesting) 281

In my opinion, the problem is Eric Schmidt. I trust both Larry Page and (even more so) Sergey Brin that they really try to live by "don't be evil". But Eric Schmidt transforms the company more and more into a profit-oriented, shareholder-controlled, greedy mess. I'm afraid that it will get a lot worse once Page and Brin lose give up control over the company. After all, most shareholders are concerned with return of investment, not things as silly as ethics. "By 2014, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will have sold enough of their stock to give up majority control of the company, Google announced Friday evening." Not something I'm looking forward to.

Comment Something much worse (Score 1) 167

If you want to use "wireless networks" to determine your approximate location on an Android phone (something quite common I think), you _HAVE_ to agree to your location data being sent to Google even when no app is running. If you disagree, you can't activate Wireless Networks Location. This means you either have to use GPS everytime you want to look something up on Google Maps etc., or have to enter your location by hand (if you don't agree with their "consent"). The exact text of the "Location consent" is: "Allow Google's location service to collect anonymous location data. Collection will occur even when no applications are running." Here is a ticket regarding this issue: In my opinion this is really bad.

Comment I don't get it (Score 1) 170

I don't get why Mozilla goes out of its way to bring their products to the iphone. If SJ doesn't want their software on his precious, why bother trying to find ways to do it anyway? Maybe some people might start to think about getting a system that is not as closed down if their favorite software isn't available on their current phone.

Submission + - Laser makes clouds over Germany (

An anonymous reader writes: There's some controversial evidence that firing silver salt crystals into the atmosphere can form large water droplets, boosting rainfall. A European team has just added lasers to the rain-on-demand equation. They report that firing powerful, femtosecond laser pulses through the air can trigger cloud formation — both in the lab and in the skies over Berlin.

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