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Comment x264 specs ain't everything (Score 4, Interesting) 177

while the specs for decoding video are AWESOME (especially for the price point), what I continually point out to people is that the low CPU can still kill you on some things. I have an NVIDIA ION / Atom D330 HTPC that can destroy the 40Mbps x264 killasample absolutely no problem, yet has trouble on some of the even medium-flashy skins for XBMC.

like i said, performance/dollar this thing is still awesome, but you do still have to think of the whole package.

Comment Re:So I took my iPhone 4 SIM out (Score 1) 286

i have a nexus S from a carrier - grabbed it, ROM'd it (back to vanilla), saved a few hundred bucks. I can understand not wanting to get sucked into a 2yr agreement, but this is something i personally have no problem with since i'll be with them for 2 yrs anyhow.

"not right for everyone" - maybe
"plain stupid" - take it easy, man.

Comment Re:No problem. (Score 1) 90

i slightly agree with you, though i do find it to be a serious PITA to have to unencrypt every time i want to get something - do you use any other apps to handle that for you?

also, how big is your volume? the one i throw on there is only a few megs, but i can imagine the sadness that will occur once it stretches to a few hundred megs and has to be up/downed every time to sync something....any advice for that?

Comment BS. (Score 1) 220

man, what a bunch of bullshit. Android is the software, and has NOTHING to do with the hardware problems they may have.

This is like saying "windows machines have more hardware problems than linux machines."

I am an iphone user, had a galaxy S previously, and I understand what they are saying - but don't throw mud on HTC's hardware when you're really talking about some shitty kyocera handset that happens to run android 1.1!

Comment Re: "Hopelessly retarded"? (Score 1) 177

while i agree that insulting people is generally not a good way to get your point across, what he's saying is that the landline is just about dead - I doubt anyone that moved out of their parent's house after around 2003 or so got one - why would you? When all the boomers (like my parents, and many other's parents) die out, the land lines will die with them.

don't get me wrong, this is not about me (or anyone else) WANTING the land line to die, and I completely understand why people keep them (everyone has your number, etc) - but for those of us that never got a chance to buy one (i grad'ed college in '05 and already had a cell when i moved to an apt), there's just no reason to ever get one.

Comment unnecessary (unfortunately) (Score 1) 413

i guess for me the prevailing thought is that its just completely unnecessary for them to do this. While i agree being able to get an LED or something else is good once in a while, Digikey and mouser both have MILLIONS of components, and (for me) they show up the next business day with ground shipping!

just head over to futurlec and grab a bunch of resistor assortments / IC packs / Regulator packs / 74XX packs and you've basically got your own 'radioshack' at home for maybe $20. Other than that, do some actual PLANNING and order what you need per project.

besides, does anyone really want to pay $4 for every single component they buy?

Comment Re:Silly (Score 1) 69

i've actually been shocked by how many users there are. even where i live (MKE, WI) i went out a few nights ago and there were 15 people checked in at a restaurant that holds maybe 50 people max. i'll agree with you that its still not even close to a fraction of a percent of the general populous, but its not like i'm in the bay area or NY - this is the frickin midwest for gods sake!

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