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Comment disingenuous (Score -1) 135

`Google is being disingenuous. They are not a copyright holder, and they are actually seeking an exception for themselves ("on behalf of" the blind, of course.) What makes blind people so special that they shouldn't have to pay for books and movies. Are we legally calling them invalid? Should we take away their right to vote? Seriously, blind people aren't calling for this legislation (except the ones who would vote for a tax on their neighbor to pay themselves.) They can buy or borrow their own books and movies, and they don't need Google to permit them to do it.

Comment Re:perl 5 versus ruby versus perl 6 (Score 0) 160

Funny, it was things like Moose (and it's billion relatives, all trying to implement OOP in Perl), and DBIx::Class (and it trillion relatives, all trying to implement DAO in Perl) that made me finally turn away. And it was CPAN, with it's infinity of broken modules each with their dependency on an infinity of experimental modules for which the required (conflicting) version no longer exists in CPAN that made me hate Perl.

Comment Re:why use scrum in the first place (Score 0) 434

If you are implementing scrum properly you'll never have to refactor, because the customer will never prioritize it. What is technical debt to them. They want new features that do as little as can possible and still work for one specific reading of the acceptance criteria written on a post-it note that was recycled 3 months (4 sprints) ago.

Comment Re:Git and Mercurial? (Score 0) 268

One problem with svn is that it has recently become abandonware. Or rather, collabnet has stopped supporting open source subversion, and does their best to prevent you from obtaining it. As a result, subversion is effectively dead on the vine. And when the major tools vendor for Subversion clients (Eclipse) is so buggy that you're bound to get a corrupt local repository on newer version of Eclipse (with subversive or subclipse) there really isn't a a good reason to use it.

Comment Re:Also held on Microsoft campus (Score 0) 233

I was there. Not one of the apps were written for Windows Mobile. Actually, Microsoft was hoping people would use BizSpark and "Azure", what they hope will compete with VMWare & Amazon EC2, but they couldn't deliver the development tools or hosting within the 48 hours of the competition.

Almost everyone else wrote webapps. We decided to try using Silverlight to gain the Microsoft prize money (you had to use MS tools to get the prize.) Now we're working on implementing it with Ruby on Rails and a Twitter UI. See our prototypes at &

Actually, the winner wasn't an iPhone app, it was "going to be" an iPhone app, meaning that was one avenue they pitched pursuing if they developed it further. It's just a flashcard memory game for contacts from LinkedIn. A clever, simple idea with a potential market. Check it out here

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