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Submission + - Thunderbird Beta 1 finished

aetherworld writes: "From the temporary release notes:
Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 Beta 1 has (not yet) been released. Release notes are (not yet) available. This post lists the new features and improvements in Thunderbird 2.0 Beta 1. This list encompasses almost every single known fix that went into this release. Do check out the known issues as well.
Although they say it's not yet available, the downloads are already up!"

Submission + - Fedora Core 6 coming next week

aetherworld writes: " st/2006-October/msg00006.html

from TFA:

Bugs suck. More bugs suck more. I'd rather go DOWN in bug count with the
trees we spin than up, so after some regressions popped up, we're going to
respin again and push the release out until next Tuesday, the 24th. This
will ensure we finish playing whack-a-mole with the tree and we give the
mirrors a fighting chance at getting synced up before we open the flood

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