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GPS Shoes For Alzheimer's Patients 116

A shoe-maker, Aetrex Worldwide, and GTX Corp, a company that makes miniaturized Global Positioning Satellite tracking and location-transmitting devices, are teaming up to make shoes for people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. "The technology will provide the location of the individual wearing the shoes within 9m (30 feet), anywhere on the planet. Sixty per cent of individuals afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease will be involved in a 'critical wandering incident' at least once during the progression of the disease — many more than once," said Andrew Carle, an assistant professor at George Mason University who served as an advisor on the project. Not only will this technology allow a caretaker to find a loved one with a click of a mouse, but the shoes are more humanizing than a bell hung around the neck.

Kids Score 40 Percent Higher When They Get Paid For Grades 716

A large number of schools participating in a pay-for-grades program have seen test scores in reading and math go up by almost 40 percentage points. The Sparks program will pay seventh-graders up to $500 and fourth-graders as much as $250 for good performance on 10 assessment tests. About two-thirds of the 59 schools in the program improved their scores by margins above the citywide average. "It's an ego booster in terms of self-worth. When they get the checks, there's that competitiveness -- 'Oh, I'm going to get more money than you next time' -- so it's something that excites them," said Rose Marie Mills, principal at MS 343 in Mott Haven. Critics, who are unaware that most college students don't become liberal arts majors, argue that paying kids corrupts the notion of learning for education's sake alone.

Here Come the Superheroes 5

With Mr. Ravenblade, Mr. Xtreme, and Dark Guardian on patrol the streets are...probably just as dangerous as before but they are definitely a bit more awkward. Ever increasing numbers of average, everyday people are donning capes, masks, and boots to perform community service, help the homeless and even fight crime. "The movement is growing. A lot of them have gone through a sort of existential crisis and have had to discover who they are," said Ben Goldman, a real-life superhero historian.

City Slicker Birds Shun Their Country Cousins 95

According to scientists, city Great Tits prefer other city Great Tits over country Great Tits. (Lets act like adults). The researchers found that the city dwellers responded more strongly to songs of fellow city dwellers and the same held true for the bumpkins. The average minimum pitch of male Great Tit songs in noisy urban areas was higher than in quieter, rural areas just a few miles away. Dr Rupert Marshall, of Aberystwyth University, Wales, and his team recorded bird song in 20 different cities in Britain. He says, "People speak louder and higher in noisy places like pubs and bars but still recognise their friends' voices once they go outside. Great tits seem to learn the high notes from their neighbours but don't respond as strongly to lower rural tones even when it's quiet."

Man To Stay On Airplane For a Month To Cure Fear of Flying 2

Mark Malkoff is taking some drastic measures to get over his fear of flying. He plans on spending a month flying back and forth across the country. Most days Mark plans on taking 5-6 trips to various locations, but may take as many as 12 flights on some occasions. "The only time I might get off is if I have to switch planes. Maybe I'll go on the tarmac," he said. Malkoff is a comedian, writer and filmmaker who made headlines last year for living in an Ikea for a week.

Teen Eats Fetal Pig Parts On a Dare 8

A 15-year-old boy proved that there is virtually nothing that a teenager won't eat, when he consumed fetal pig testicles during his biology class, on a dare. The student made $50 for the stunt and won a trip to the hospital, after school officials became concerned about the possible effects consuming formaldehyde soaked testicles might have on a growing young man. "It was just like swallowing a pill," said the boy, who can't be identified because of his age. "It wasn't that bad."

Voting Drops 83 Percent In All-Digital Election 156

For the first time ever, Oahu residents had to use their phones or computers to vote with some surprising results. 7,300 people voted this year, compared to 44,000 people the previous year, a drop of about 83 percent. "It is disappointing, compared to two years ago. This is the first time there is no paper ballot to speak of. So again, this is a huge change and I know that, and given the budget, this is a best that we could do," said Joan Manke of the city Neighborhood Commission. She added that voters obviously did not know about or did not embrace the changes.
Data Storage

Submission + - Storage in 5 dimensions. 1 DVD = 30 Blue Ray disks

docbrody writes: In a recent letter to Nature researchers describe a technique to achieve ''five-dimensional optical recording by exploiting the unique properties of the longitudinal surface plasmon resonance (SPR) of gold nanorods.'' So, what does this mean? Well, maybe the DVD format is not dead quite yet. ''A five-dimensional DVD that can store 1.6 terabytes of data on a standard-size DVD'' is ''the equivalent of about 30 Blu-ray discs.'' And these 5-dimensional DVDs could be compatible with current DVD disc-drive technology.

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