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Comment affordable (Score 1) 124

I wish I could buy a consumer-priced system with one of these CPUs. A very interesting system to develop for. After all, we all are going to use some kind of system with the separate memory model, more like this, when we will come to the end of scalability of the currently dominating multicore CPU with common memory space.

I hope that PS4 (or other console using it) will be linux-friendly as PS3 was until Sony blew it. Alas, however slim this chance is, there seem to be no better chance.

Comment is it faster? (Score 1) 240

Is it really faster than 10.0 r45?

I just tried this one for playing fullscreen video and indeed it appears use less CPU. But this computer computer is fast enough to make a difference. I wonder if it will improve playback on another computer that stutters on video with 100% CPU (although, a similar windows system plays HD flash video just fine).

Comment Re:This may be the future (Score 1) 121

1. Less piracy, but you simply can not sell that to whole regions that do not have fast enough internet.

2. So, instead of needing high-end console or computer you'll need the fastest, expensive internet connection. You may have a lot of bandwidth now, but that would require a lot of bandwidth coupled with low-latency. If you don't notice if youtube playback or start of download is delayed by a second, you will with a game.

3. True for PC, but consoles do not suffer from hardware compatibility already. If you are trying to imply a cross-platform play, then I will say that mouse, keyboard or iphone touch screen are not adequate replacements for dualshock or wiimote.

So it may work as an addition from the traditional gaming, but as a replacement? Not in foreseable years.

Comment Bigger and prettier games (Score 2, Interesting) 123

Whilst cut-secenes rendered by game engine became more popular, pre-rendered are still common. All that extra space could be used to store different variations of character's gear instead of sticking to the default. E.g. in RE4 cut-scenes the character is always rendered in the starting cloth even if you are wearing some other vest.

This does not require that much more effort to create, it would add a little to the immersion and a DVD release could use one version as current games.

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