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Comment Re:Even more fake news (Score 0) 335

And yes, the Right is taking a tabloid for face value .. maybe it'll be concrete once InfoWars tells you it is .. and maybe it's aliens planting a false flag and making the midwest so warm in Feb. Yeah. But it's snowing where you are so the climate isn't changing and we don't have anything to do with it. *yawn*

Comment What crap. (Score 1) 289

These banks whine about this but yet they are taking so much time with Android Pay that there was an article about folks jumping ship on the banks owned by Westpac Banking Corp. Maybe they should get over it because 50 different payment systems on Android would suck .. and since they can't have access to the NFC antenna in the iPhone they have little choice. And consumers don't give a crap they just want to use contactless and be on with their day.

Comment Re:So a Mormon man gets to work 1/2 time (Score 1) 265

You must be the odd person out or you don't participate in the culture. I work with a lot of LDS in Lehi, UT. They get married and 9 months later comes the first one then they give their wives a few months to recoup and boom .. another kid on the way. Between PTO and maternity/paternity leave .. they are out for at least 7 to 9 weeks a year. It's not bigotry to bring up facts. I do know a few mormons that don't have huge families but it's in the 5% range. Sorry man .. it is what it is. But the non-mormons in my work circle end up with much more work with the same level of pay.

Comment Re:Who the hell needs this? (Score 1) 124

You ARE the problem. You've been conditioned to believe this since 9/11 and it's wrong. Us old folks remember when our lives were private unless WE divulged the information. They've trained millennials to SHARE everything and quite a few of us older folks think we have to change with the times. Well, no. Fuck that.

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