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Submission + - Out of memory in Vista while... copying files? (

ta bu shi da yu writes: It appears that, incredibly, Vista often runs out of memory while copying files. ZDNet is reporting that not only does it run out of memory after copying 16,400+ files, but "often there is little indication that file copy operations haven't completed correctly". After several billion dollars spent developing Vista, surely Microsoft could get their OS to copy files properly?

Submission + - EA announces Virtual Me

JamesO writes: "EA and Endemol have announced a creative partnership for the development of Virtual Me, a new digital entertainment concept that is said to bridge the divide between TV and video games. The new technology will debut in Endemol's Big Brother show.

Virtual Me features cutting edge avatar creation technology to give consumers a breakthrough way to meet, compete and socialise in online digital worlds. Avatar creation will be easy to use and offers the ability to create life-like cyber clones with customised appearances.

The new avatar system will enable players the chance to participate in virtual versions of TV talent shows like Fame Academy, game shows like Deal Or No Deal and form real relationships with other virtual avatars on the web. Launching soon is, the home of the Virtual Me avatar system. The two companies will create a new team to develop entertainment formats and experiences for a range of platforms including TV and online."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Paid to do nothing?

djupedal writes: Are you paid to do nothing? Were you hired to do nothing?

Are you paid, yet you don't do any work? This is for anyone, except of course those collecting job benefits. I'm talking about those that come into work and hang out and do nothing whatsoever productive, but still receive regular performance reviews, generic corporate emails and a routine weekly/monthly salary. Maybe you don't even have to show up at the office.

I have a friend who is going on six months since he was asked to do any type of work, yet his (not meager) salary keeps being automatically deposited and the only time anyone from the office checks on him is to make sure he is still alive. How long has it been since you had an assignment or participated in an active project, etc.? What do you do with your time? How long do you think this type of ghost position can continue? Is this a dream job or an ethical burden?

Submission + - Intel to launch Linux-powered mobile Internet devi

daria42 writes: Intel is developing its own take on the mini-tablet, with a new ultra-mobile PC platform to be announced at this week's Intel Developer Forum in Beijing. The big surprise? It's based on Linux. Called a Mobile Internet Device (pic), or MID, the devices will have screen sizes from 4.5 to six inches with a target audience described as "consumers and prosumers" rather than mobile professionals.

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