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Comment never been used my ass (Score 2) 94

" "It's probably been in [iOS] since day one," said Wisniewski, who speculated that even attackers hadn't known of the flaw. "Someone would likely would noticed if it had been used, because every Windows user would have been getting browser warnings [of an invalid certificate] on a public Wi-Fi network even as iPhone users were seeing no such warning." " Does he seriously think you can't filter out non iOS devices and just forward them to the proper site? even a user agent check would suffice

Comment reminds me of kinect, if kinect wasn't for games (Score 2, Interesting) 123

when i first heard about the xbox kinect (nee natal) i thought it'd be great if it ever gets hacked to work with linux, or even windows, so we could use it in media centres and htpcs. this kind of gesture recognition is only useful for sporadic instructions though. scrolling up and down, turning the volume up etc, and only if you can do it by moving your hand, not your arms

Comment Re:MKV is instantly recognized (Score 2, Informative) 294

but the pirates do use it. its the defacto standard for scene released bluray rips in 720p and 1080p format, due to it being a convenient container for packaging multiple audio signals, subtitles and x264 encoded video and being all FOSS. its also a very popular format for anime, due mostly to its multiple audio and subtitle strengths.

the piracy scene decided on x264 mkv for various reasons but wide compatibility probably wasnt one of them. potential for wide compatibility, open standards and high quality were probably bigger concerns. im pretty sure there werent any hardware xvid players around when they decided that that was the best option for dvdrips.

the playstation 3 and xbox 360 can play x / h264 but not within the mkv container. this means its pretty simple and quick to convert on your pc, but more importantly it means that the console's hardware is fully capable of such playback, its merely a software limitation and this'll get sorted in time.

Comment internet connections? (Score 1) 634

i was gonna suggest teeworlds, enemy territory and subspace/continuum, but other people have mentioned the first two. but regardless, how many children from poor backgrounds will have parents who have the internet anyway? in the uk a lot of the working class prioritise sky tv over the internet and if these kids really are in need of charity, their parents probably cant afford both.

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