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Scientists Say a Dirty Child Is a Healthy Child 331

Researchers from the School of Medicine at the University of California have shown that the more germs a child is exposed to, the better their immune system in later life. Their study found that keeping a child's skin too clean impaired the skin's ability to heal itself. From the article: "'These germs are actually good for us,' said Professor Richard Gallo, who led the research. Common bacterial species, known as staphylococci, which can cause inflammation when under the skin, are 'good bacteria' when on the surface, where they can reduce inflammation."

Comment Re:Sci-fi not predicting far enough? (Score 1) 479

What bugged me the most in Heroes was a minor character called Hana Gitelman.

Her special power was that she "... had the ability to intercept, generate and interpret electronic wireless transmissions".

I don't mind accepting that she can intercept satelite transmissions, that she can pair with her Bluetooth ear phones, etc.

I just can't, for the life of me, figure out how she implements checksums in the communications she generates!
Can she perform CRCs in her head? :)

Comment Re:If only... (Score 1) 951

The attack of the U.S.S. Liberty was a mistake that happened during the Six Day War, and it is acknowledged as such by both Israel and the US.

Don't know what exactly happened with the humanitarian aid ship, but keep in mind it was going into a closed military zone by sea, without any proper authorization while disregarding completely the Israeli army. Do you know how many ships try and do the same to insert fire arms into Gaza?

About the power plant - this was done in retaliation of an attack on an Israeli outpost. Also, keep in mind that Israeli power plants supply power to Gaza, so the purpose of destroying the power plant was to make the Palestinians less self reliant, and thus less likely to attack Israel at the fear of losing power. This didn't work at all - more than 2000 rockets were fired into Israel in the last year, with next to no Israeli retaliation - until now.

Finally - if Native Americans start proclaiming they want their own land in north America, for their own self-governed state, they will not be terrorists. If they start wearing explosives and go and explode inside civilian malls - they will be. Notice the difference?

Comment Re:Uh, why the whine over three games...? (Score 1) 253

Multiplayer being "functional from the start" and "games running alongside each other" means no new units or functionality with campaign 2 and 3.

"Games running alongside each other" probably means that Terran, Zerg and Protoss games can all play against each other in multiplayer. I doubt there'll be a limitation of Terran only plays Terran units, Zerg only plays Zerg units - you get the point. That does not sound like Blizzard at all.

What they might charge more for is more of the single player story. That makes sense - making a campaign takes time, especially campaign who keep up with the Blizzard name. Cinematics, voice talents etc - I'm not sure if it's right to charge 60$ for more single player missions, maybe less would be more appropriate here (and we don't know either way), but I can understand charging for the future content. It isn't simply a map-pack.

Finally, you have NO idea what you're talking about, and are simply jumping to conclusions. Your-higher-deity-of-choice knows how you got voted Insightful.

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