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Comment Hoverboard flips ... end on end, or sideways ? (Score 0) 98

If sideways, put an axle over it with an upper platform somehow & ride on the stable top half. Bottom can flip over all it likes.

  Not enough coffee yet this morning so that's likely nonsense. Still, a contributution,

Would have given an ascii art diagram but slashderp whines about junk characters in the message.

Comment Re:multiverse != multiple observable regions in sp (Score 0) 458

Big bang is an explosion of space so however the matter is distributed it's one big bang with one emergent 4 space with all the stuff in it.

There may or may not be other 4 spaces or indeed n-spaces emergent from other big bangs - they would be other universes - present in a hypothesised multiverse.

TFA describes multiple regions. That inflation may not be constant across our entire universe does not make these regions seperate universes. They're present within the same 4 space.

I don't think the term multiverse should be used in the context of the scenario described in the article. Find another term.

My 2c.

Comment multiverse != multiple observable regions in space (Score 0) 458

Think I followed TFA correctly though my physics is weak.

It suggests there are seperated observable regions in one 4 space universe.

That's not my understanding of the multiverse proposal.

My understanding is that a multiverse consists of seperate universes not simply seperate regions within the same one.

Though I know next to nothing about such things.

Mixing terminology confuses and the subject is confusing enough without doing that :)

My 2c.

Comment Re:"next generation" my ass! (Score 0) 137

because it can be used as a client side machine independent "scripting" language - like javascript.

and it's properly typed which means you can likely compile to more optimal code.

js uses doubles for everything which isn't optimal. recall some talk of this changing.

c# supports multiple threads, etc. etc.

java would do as an alternative also. not quite sure why it's gone out of fashion.

just because js is the html5 default scripting language doesn't mean it's the best choice. we can evolve.

unity (3d html page plugin) uses c# for example. as does a ton of other stuff.

mono implementation for non m$. what's blocking html5 supporting this out of the box, aside from inertia ?

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