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Comment Re:Opera Mini? (Score 1) 292

Apple's developer agreement specifically says that they will not accept an application that contains a code interpreter. So that means they will not accept a web browser because it would necessarily have its own JavaScript engine.Opera Mini may get by because the script execution happens on the server side, not the device.

Comment Paranoid much? (Score 1) 950

I had to use the same thing for my college wellness class. The heart monitor just measures your heart rate and transmits it to a stopwatch you wear on your wrist. When you're done, it gives you some basic statistics. If you go more than a few feet away from the monitor, the watch doesn't even pick up the signal any more. They're probably teaching the kids, like me, about how heart rate affects the kind of workout you get. Nothing nefarious here, folks. Move along. By the way, the strap is made of stretchy material that holds sweat like nobody's business. It's a good thing each student has to buy their own. Even mine was gross by the end of the semester, and I washed it every week.

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