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Comment Re:Not a laptop (Score 1) 228

I think you're supposed to make an argument here.

It's not a PDA because: It lacks a calendar (although you could write one for it). It lacks a contact database (although you could write one for it). You can write software for it without using another computer. It has a full-size keyboard. It doesn't fit in your pocket, even if you get a Steve Jobs special shirt with extra-large pocket.

So, why is it not a laptop? It did most of what any contemporary computer did at that time, and it fit on your lap comfortably. If someone built a laptop today that was lightweight and consumed very little power, but it was only as good as a 5-year-old computer, would you say it's not a laptop? Because that's basically what Tandy accomplished with the Model 100. (Actually it was probably more like 1-2 years behind state of the art personal computers of the day.)

Or maybe you're hung up because you think the article is talking about this being a replacement for modern laptops -- that would be a very ludicrous thing for anyone to suggest, but I suppose we've gotten crazier articles than that before.

Xbox 360 Backup Discs Bootable 287

An anonymous reader writes "The firmware of the Xbox 360 DVD drive has been hacked, allowing users to boot backups of games on the new Microsoft console. A group of hackers on the forum managed to trick the DVD firmware into reporting a recordable disc as an original Xbox 360 disc. This means that it will not allow booting of unsigned homebrew code (like Linux), as the signature check is not bypassed. This hack will just trick the Xbox 360 into thinking you inserted an original Xbox 360 disc, so it'll only boot unedited executables. A video has been released, the hack has not been released to the public (because it will be mainly used for piracy), but all the research of the last few months is publicly viewable."

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