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Comment Nokia - If the want a chunk of the emerging market (Score 2) 222

Nokia is still on the lead in emerging markets where people primarily want to be able to communicate(SMS and phone calls). They profit by volume and not by margin (the majority of the smartphone world).

Its death would be ignoring that value from developing companies, particularly when we are beginning to see an influx of low cost Android smartphones, debatably started by Huawei with its Ideos.

There's fortune at the bottom of the pyramid

Comment Re:My 2 cents (Score 1) 4

It is encouraging to hear that CentOS is not a bad choice. Thanks for the resource on the security guides. Will search for more.

It would be a dream to have access to cloud services, but unfortunately there are non, locally. Since the local internet infrastructure is still lagging behind the rest of the world it is not yet feasible for service providers to provide cloud services. They also lack sufficiently high speeds to allow me to serve my application from the (international)cloud to a local audience. I am positive things will time. For now, this is what I have.

The hosting provider I have has very limited features available for what I want, and they have their own policies on what they support and what they offer. I could be wrong, but I do not think they would also be able to setup & configure a sound environment for my application. I got to speak to the admin guys, and even they advised that I build my own system and pay for them to host (hardware and application) on their facilities. After considering all they had, I decided I would be better off saving up and having my own custom environment that suits my needs.

Comment Re:Must it be hosted locally (Score 1) 4

Thanks, Stuart. Unfortunately, I specifically need it hosted locally. It is all related to the expensive hosting, which is a direct result of very poor internet infrastructure to the-rest-of-the-world. I would have a latency nightmare and provide a poor service. The start up would die crawling.

It would be feasible if I was serving non-local people. But because my audience is local, I have no choice. It has to be local

I am well-aware of the array of existing international hosts that provide good and ultra-cheap hosting services, but they can't do much for me for my scenario. I also absolutely love CPanel. You would scream in horror if I told you that for the ISP that offers what I want,the only accessible method of updating is via FTP. Not even a web admin tool... Having my own server on site would give me more power to have more powerful tools like SSH and any other features I would need.


Submission + - Web Server OS choice & config advice for start-up with limited resources 4

adumonit writes: I am an intermediate programmer starting up a web-related service on very limited funds and in a developing economy. All things internet(hosting and support services) are still overpriced in our end of the world.

Fortunately, I have enough funds to buy server hardware(1 box) to host my application(locally) and to subscribe for hosting services for at least a year whilst I grow the start-up and see how well it will fare. Would you believe, it costs about $1000 to have them host MY own server?!... Anyways,I have done my research and decided I will need MySQL as a DB, PHP(which I am comfortable in) to prototype my idea and Python for the final application, all on Apache [please advise if this would be a pitfall]. I know CentOS is a possible Linux disto option as I have seen it is quite popular.

How best can I install and configure everything (DB, application) securely on one server with a plan for scaling in the future? Any pointers on where I can start to find info for this will be most helpful.

Comment Ofcourse if you think scientifically it isnt!!! (Score 1) 672

Science is our intepretation of the world based on our small box we call knowledge. We declare it valid following proofs that are observable within our limited senses and enjoy delightful confirmations to all existing knowledge as we define it. There is absolute pleasure and hand-clapping glee in conformance to the scientific body of knowledge. And wrinkle-conceiving frowns, frothing, nose elevations, palpitations and great laughter to any notions to the contrary....especially absurdities like non-evolutionary beginnings.

How do you challenge something outside science using scientific argument. Best we define a "something" above both or "all" then we can challenge/compare using that "something".

Maybe we wouldve progressed faster if we had organs that detected electromagnetic waves. Maybe if we were shark-like or serpent-like...if sharks could talkfrom those many million years ago, we'd have banished them to deserts for the mere mention that there are detectable waves under water.

If its not observable, it dosent exist!

We shall continue to spend billions in our pursuit to prove that we cannot be the only accident in the universe. Surely there has to be another chance happening that brought about life in another planet...


out there....

Ah well.... imagine if I declared that science is in fact a form of religion....the venom it would extract would make made adders look cuddly!

Comment King Julian...Madagascar (Score 1) 516

King Julian... My sackweefice goes in d volcano. Den, d friendly Gods eat up my sackweefice... "Mmm, very nice, thank you for d sackweefice..." "Please have another sackweefice!" "No, I've had enough for today..." Eternally hilarious! Always wondered what his accent is. I imagine it's some stereotype, which would be at well-tried fail considering WE dont really speak like that. Hilarious non the same. Self, that was vague. (shaking perfectly good head)

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