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Comment Turking it out (Score 1) 273

In recent scifi I think this is classed as "turk" work, a unfortunate term based on the scam of the Mechanical Turk, which Amazon also adopted for one of their service offerings.

This term is used in at least the Metatropolis story anthologies by multiple authors (John Scalzi editing) and there's development on the theme in the plot of some stories (Detroit) so I don't want to give too many details.

There's some parallel with "runners" from various cyberpunk scifi and gaming, too: Work for money with little formal relationship with the source of the contracts ("Mr Johnson") and a very simple professional code of ethics.

Doomo chums!

Comment Laywer fight (Score 1) 357

It will be fun to see this go up against the Americans With Disabilities Act (et al) in court in a few weeks/year when citizens rely on digital devices to augment their biology.

EG, as soon as my spectacles have on-board tech this fails fast.

Hey, would someone get on that? Why can't I snap picks like Spider yet?


Comment slashvertized service is commercial (Score 1) 51

CMX Consumer and/or Taggant SSV (price US $8,000.00)

        Access to CMX for 1 year
        Access to Taggant System IEEE Public Root Key, and blacklist for one year

Most TI vendors at least offer some free feeds to suggest they have valuable content before asking you to pay up. Adoption of this new service isn't going to very good if no one can try it out/use it for free. *shrug*

Comment Re:NSA doesn't like the system it created??? (Score 1) 529

In case you aren't trolling...

Getting a government security clearance is a long and painful process that is entirely besides any status of enlistment or commision and includes additional oaths and regulations well beyond those.

In fact civilians can get a clearance without being in the military at all (I know a fewe folks who haev done this). The oaths are probably publically available but no one with a clearance is likely to volunteer to post them on /., if I had to guess.

Comment Share your logs with the community (Score 2) 241

Join and contribute ssh/firewall logs to DShield or another collaboration system so that others can benefit from the information you are collecting.

If you want to report unwanted activity against your network your ISP may be able to help. Try opening a ticket with their Abuse team.

Submission + - CDC Reports a Surge in Autism Rates, 1 in 88 children affected in the US

An anonymous reader writes: A new government health report indicated that about one in 88 children in the United State has autism or a related disorder, the highest estimate to date, which represented an overall increase of 25 percent since the last analysis in 2006.

The Centers for Disease Control reported on Thursday that the rate increased by 78 percent compared to the reported rate in 2002.

Submission + - A Star Explodes and Turns Inside Out (

fishmike writes: "A new X-ray study of the remains of an exploded star indicates that the supernova that disrupted the massive star may have turned it inside out in the process. Using very long observations of Cassiopeia A (or Cas A), a team of scientists has mapped the distribution elements in the supernova remnant in unprecedented detail. This information shows where the different layers of the pre-supernova star are located three hundred years after the explosion, and provides insight into the nature of the supernova."

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: A cheap, DIY home security and surveillance system? 1

scubamage writes: "Approximately 6 weeks ago, my home was broken into while my fiance and I were at work. Our neighborhood is essentially empty during the day because it's an upper middle class neighborhood. Two laptops were stolen, an iPad, a power brick, a safe (complete with several years worth of taxes, my birth certificate, and old copies of my driver's license), a digital SLR, several pieces of heirloom jewelry, a guitar, and a custom built saxophone. In total, we lost around $20-30,000 dollars that day. We are now dealing with an attorney because the homeowner's insurance is fighting us on a number of items and we're not backing down. It has been a nightmare. Now as we were hoping things were starting to calm down, we've noticed that someone has been visiting our house during the day. There has been garbage left sitting on our back porch table, so its unlikely to have blown there. We've also seen footprints in our garden that are not there in the morning. We want to know who is on our property while we're not, and maybe if we're really lucky reporting it to the police could recover some of our property. My fiance has asked me to assemble a home security system that is motion activated, and both notifies us of an entry, as well as records video or rapid HD stillframes when sensing motion. The goal is to do this cheaply and more effectively than going with a private security company like ADT (who, consequently, our police department told us to ignore due to the incredibly high rate of false alarms). Also, we already have gotten the dog and the gun, so we have those bases covered now. What suggestions do you have on setting up home security systems, and what have you done to build one in the past? Help me slashdot posters, I need your brain juices!"

Submission + - Paper for iPad shows us what the Microsoft Courier could have been [video] (

zacharye writes: In late 2009, a tablet concept in development at Microsoft set tech blogs aflutter. The device was code-named “Courier,” and it consisted of two connected touchscreens that folded open like a book. The slate was seen as a fantastic product that could serve as a digital notebook on top of a standard media tablet, but Microsoft would later confirm that work on the Courier was being discontinued. A new iPad app was made available this week that resurrects the spirit of the Courier however, and it’s easy to see why: the team behind Paper by FiftyThree includes several people who once worked on the Courier project at Microsoft...

Comment Mac OS X *did* have Spaces before Lion (Score 5, Funny) 359

But it got nerfed into Mission Control in Lion 10.7 and is half-functional. You can't rename, reorder, arrange, or configure your "spaces" anymore. Shortcut keys still work for now...

They'll probably finish it off in Mountain Goat (10.8) since iOS is perfect and has no desktops so surely Mac OS X doesn't need them either.


Comment I want one but I think I'll have to do without (Score 1) 288

The new one, the last one is a bit pricey for individuals, though certainly worth it for institutions:

Encyclopaedia Britannica - The Final Print Edition $1,395.00

and now that I think of it I never finished reading the one my parents got for me when I was in elementary school.


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