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Comment Re:Yeah yeah! Oh, yeah! (Score 2, Insightful) 120

I'm not OP and I'm love and use linux exclusively, but I have to agree with him. I've used about every video editor there is and (compared to other OSes standards) even kdenlive is a piece of shit. It has most basic features, and even some advanced ones, but at least on my three machines, its crashing left and right.

I personally think it's because of the sad state that linux multimedia subsystems are in (oss/alsa/pulseaudio/whatever kde comes with up next), but whatever it is, linux video editing is nowhere near windows or mac counterparts.

Comment Re:Okay, that's enough. (Score 2, Interesting) 670

Well yes, I did bother to read why. It's just completely wrong. Every other country competing with China has signed it, only the US thinks it would put them in some kind of disadvantage. In fact, if the US set some CO2 goals, the entire international pressure would be on china, forcing them to act. But still, this is more or less a matter of opinions. I can see why people think a CO2 reduction promise would be a huge mistake, but I don't agree.

The healtcare bill that is now underway (well, somewhat at least) isn't even *close* to what was promised. It's a watered-down bill, just good enough that republicans can say they stopped the worst and Obama can say he passed a bill.

The rest of the issues I mention you seem to agree with me. I know it's partisanship that's stopping the gitmo closing, but still, he didn't deliver, even with all kinds of majorities in all kinds of houses. Not a word about landmines from you, you agree on thr PATRIOT Act and the computer privacy thing. And you still accuse me of complaining all the time and being ignorant. You might want to check what you're getting so worked up about. We agree on most things, have minor differences on healthcare and some different opinions on CO2, that's really not that bad.

Comment Re:Okay, that's enough. (Score 1) 670

I want the people in Gitmo to have a fair trial, that's all. I don't really care *where* they are. They could be sitting in a hut in India for all I care, as long as they're treated as a human beings and get a fair trial. Right now, America is not holding up its very own ideals of being a free country with equality for all, even terrorists.

Next, health care. I don't understand what you mean by "unproven". The basic idea is that everyone pais some money, so that everyone can go to a doctor withouth being broke after that. You're right, universial health care is another tax, and this certaily doesn't increase personal freedom. Still, I think it's worth it. There are a lot of poor people out there, who simply can't afford the current system. I think it's very reasonable to expect the rich people benefiting from the system to pay a little more, so that the poor people can visit a doctor. We're talking about the health and lifes of human beings here, the most basic thing a man can ask for. I think it's okay to break the rules of a free market fot that.

FOX News is just a scapegoat here. I do think they spread lies and misinformation, but that was just an example of the excuses for Obama. In his defense, FOX and the conservaties went *nuts* battling health care, but it's not that they actually have any legislative power.

And for the PATRIOT Act, yes I did think that Obama would reverse some of the horrible things the Bush administration introduced. I might have been naive and stupid, but I believed he had some set of ideals and honor. This has nothing to do with him being a democrat by the way, I just thought he was basically a good person.

Comment Okay, that's enough. (Score 4, Interesting) 670

I liked him when he ran for president. Then he failed closing gitmo, didn't manage to push healthcare through, and I kinda attribted that to "circumstances", like FOX "News". But now he doesn't sign this landmine treaty thingie, he doesn't promise any kind of CO2 reduction goals, he extends the PATRIOT Act and now this. I'm utterly disappointed.

Comment Re:German results (Score 1) 674

I know about the reasoning for this rule, but let's face it, extremist parties have never had a chance in post-WW2 germany. Well, other than in some of the eastern states, where even the 5% rule didn't stop them. It's an outdated thing, which had its place when we were stuggling with ourselves. Now it's just a burden to smaller parties.

Comment Sun + Oracle = Yay (Score 3, Interesting) 237

Let me tell you a story. I work in a professional environment in a 10k+ Person Organization. We decided we want to implement Identity Management. We chose the (Open Source) Sun Identity Manager, one of their enterprise products, based on J2EE.

The documentation is horrible, but that's not what it's about. Our development machines run on a JBoss AS with a Mysql Repository. The performance is horrible, and I mean it. It's beyond bad, MySql gobbles up the whole server. It takes 95% CPU time and 2 gb ram for our (rather complex) queries.

On our staging machine (running Oracle as a repository), the same tasks take 10% CPU and we hardly notice it happening.

Needles to say, SUN thought it might be a good idea (for political reason obv) to include Mysql in their documentation as "supported", although no sane person would actually use it.

I kinda forgot what my post has to do with this story. I just read "Oracle + Sun" and it clicked. I'm conditioned to think it's a perfect combination.

Comment Speech? (Score 1) 522

I'm not an expert in this field, but what I've learned in all those years studying CS, speech recognition is much harder than image pattern recognition. Mainly because our human brain can easily parse accents and sloppy speaking, computers hardly can.

Now that flash is installed on nearly every machine (and I don't say I approve), would it be too much of a problem to install a "play" button as a captcha, which just speaks a word? Granted, computer generated voice is probably easily crackable too, but lets say google or someone lets 100 people read 10 books each. And they choose a random word from the whole database. That would work I think.

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