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Comment Re:Only viable if all planes land themselves (Score 1) 83

An even bigger problem is the cognitive workload for ATC and pilots who have to constantly adapt to new runway directions and approach types. I'm certainly not an aviation safety expert but this looks like a giant new source of human error possibilities to me. I also wonder how they would integrate circular runways into the current system of approach charts who describe more or less fixed vectors and maneuvers that pilots fly at most airports.

Comment Re:When people are dumb enough to rely on the clou (Score 1) 122

I'd like to add to this that people should also avoid proprietary file formats like the plague if they're interested in long-term storage. That nifty program to do X on MacOS will be gone with the wind in 10-20 years from now.

Comment Use an encrypted text file (Score 1) 126

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm the maker of a lesser known password manager that has been around for ages. The weakest part is the operating system's handling of the clipboard - there is no OS-level support for clipboard wiping and no guarantee that sensitive data isn't written to disk. Moreover, there is generally not enough protection against keystroke loggers, who are the #1 method for obtaining the master passphrase.Apart from these obvious vulnerabilities against which I cannot do anything, my application works fine, is cross-platform, has high data integrity and is fairly secure, primarily because it stores everything locally, validates every file written to disk, uses standard encryption libraries and does not use the browser at all.

But here's the catch: There really is no need for a password manager at all. What's important is to use a random password generator. You can then store your passwords in a text file on an encrypted disk image, which is more convenient and easier to use than the vast majority of password managers out there.

As for password managers that use the 'cloud' or browser extensions, in my opinion they're mostly crap and #1 hacking targets anyway.

Comment Re:Will increase risks of theft and cargo hold fir (Score 1) 249

For what it's worth, it's also not entirely clear why a bomb in the cargo hold is less dangerous than a bomb in the passenger compartment and how this new regulation would make sense if it's not more secure.

I really don't want to fuel conspiracy theories, but maybe this is also to some extent about controls that are not seen by the passengers. Time to put tamper-evident seals on laptops?

Comment Re:American exceptionalism (Score 1) 297

Unlikely though that the rest of Europe is as stupid as the Brits. If they are, yes, you're right... without the EU there will likely be wars all over Europe again within a few decades or a century. However, it's way more likely that the 27 member state EU will do fine without the UK and new nations will join the EU, and that in 20 years from now the UK will become a member again and probably get even better conditions than they had before.

But even without the EU, wars are getting less and less likely, because the world is growing smaller and smaller. Nobody wants wars like they did in the 20th Century, they are a blast from the past.

Comment Re:Google as gatekeeper of truth (Score 3, Informative) 429

This is not about censoring things "they do not like", it's about censoring flat out lies that are only made by genuine Nazis who thereby endorse the unbelievable suffering and subsequent killing of millions of people. If you can't see a qualitative difference between fighting active Holocaust denial and 'not liking fuzzy kitties', you really need to check your moral compass because it seems to be way off.

Comment Re:This is a wise move (Score -1, Flamebait) 305

I'm hoping you're trying to be funny, because otherwise you'd be a rather stupid retarded asshole.

There is nothing wrong with banning hate speech, it works fine in Germany and is restricted under proper judicial oversight. Germany does not need Nazis or communists to spam online forums with their shitty and absurd world-views from past centuries.

Comment Re:because wikileaks is a Russian propaganda tool (Score 2) 308

I'm pretty sure it's just Julian Assange's propaganda tool. But you're right, there may be a bit of a 'leak fatigue', especially when the leak does not reveal a scandal but rather practices that everybody expects of an intelligence agency. I mean, c'mon, this leak even contains a useful little GIT tutorial...

Comment Re:piece of shit machines (Score 3, Insightful) 243

I still miss my first generation EEE PC which was stolen two years ago. It had a special battery that lasted forever and was perfect for writing novels outside. Now I'm using an Asus Transformer, I had to put special anti-reflective plastic over the display to be able to read anything, it still sucks in the sun and it runs Windows 8. :(

Anyway, the reply to your post: Netbooks are awesome, perfect for writing books outside, for example.

Comment Re:Turned and twisted (Score 2, Insightful) 519

Trump just made it up like almost everything else he twitters. He's living in "Breitbart fantasy land" like most of his followers and unfortunately also suffers from pathological narcissism. If that's not obvious to you, well, what should I say and where to start...

Let's just see if Trump would agree to a detailed 4-year long investigation into his spurious allegations by an independent team of specialists not affiliated with the current or prior government. No? Not going to happen? Well, who thought so.

As a mere outside observer, I don't care too much if the US goes into self-destruct mode, but it's kind of sad to watch this idiocracy. Please be so kind and elect a president next time that can at least give a halfway coherent impromptu speech in which he finishes his sentences properly, as opposed to falling back into incomprehensible ramblings and sentence parts once the teleprompter is switched off. Please also elect a president who has read at least three books in his life and doesn't watch TV all day long. These should minimum requirements regardless of politics. Trump is just pathetic and embarrassing to watch, it's almost as if he's a troll whose only goal in life is to be as much of a stupid asshole to everyone as is humanly possible.

Comment Re:Annealing again (Score 1) 116

I cannot agree with you.

First, it's not unreasonable to assume that intelligence agencies with high budgets already have quantum computers that can break current public key crypto, especially RSA. (There are even rumors that 1024 bit RSA is broken conventionally in actual practice.) After all, we're talking about agencies who are supposed to work on this since the 70s and are among the largest employers of mathematicians and engineers world-wide.

Second, advances in civilian quantum computing are a good thing, of course. I can't wait to get an affordable quantum chip in my PC (but I'm not sure if I'll see it in my lifetime).

Third, banking and other security sensitive applications should move to 'quantum-safe' algorithms ASAP. This also concerns symmetric encryption which can be easily safeguarded by increasing round numbers and key sizes - but it needs to be done. I'm not saying that there is any need to rush it, but they should definitely work on it now and there are good reasons to believe that both public key crypto and symmetric encryption can be made safe against quantum computers.

Fourth, if past technological advancements have taught us anything, it won't take long until quantum computers will solve certain problems faster than classical computers in practice also, and not just in theory. I'd give it 10 years or so, maybe earlier.

Comment Re:Redundant (Score 2) 141

That's not how it works. Many companies let you sign up with email and will send you email years later even if you untick the "yes, please send me bullshit news" box. Others trick you into inadvertently subscribing to their newsletter by showing the preselected box again and again during updates. It's illegal spam in both cases, but they get away with it.

Comment Re:Why do the oscars matter? -- Especially on /. (Score 1) 199

What on earth are you talking about? No film price in the world is less elitist and more commercial than the Oscars. It's an advertisement for (mostly) Hollywood actors and filmmakers, not some bunch 'out-of-touch elitists'. Most of them are ordinary, hard working people and don't even earn much money.

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