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Comment Would it be more humane (less cruel) to . . . ? (Score 1) 1081

Ignore the debatability of any society forcibly putting an individual to death for whatever reason (justice, order, deterrent, sadism, zealotry, etc) and consider the following: Is it less "cruel and unusual" to let the condemned individual choose the method of capital punishment from an approved list?

Submission + - Google $99 Laptop Program Coincides with Article on Google's Low Tax Payment (

adjectivity writes: "Both of these stories appeared in my Facebook feed 'about an hour ago' through Google and Ars Technica. I wonder which one will get more air time and 'likes'?

Bloomberg featured a story last night (which ran at 11:00PM CST 12-09-12) on Google's very complicated tax payment plan that funneled almost $10 billion in profits to a shell company in Bermuda where there are no corporate taxes.

Perhaps it is just a coincidence that today Google's Official Blog announced a program for educators in Kansas City, location of its Google Fiber Gigabit internet project, that would sell its own Samsung Chrome-book for only $99."

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