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Comment Eye communication (Score 1) 1

I know a guy that communicates via his eyes. He has a chart with the alphabet in rows. Vowels on row 1 and the rest of the alphabet on several rows. The person talking with him iteratively asks 1, 2, 3, etc until he signifies the row. The person talking then iterates the letters in the row, such as a, e, i, etc until the he signifies yes. It sounds slow, but with a little prediction it works pretty well.

Comment Re:I'm not Australian but... (Score 1) 352

If history is teacher, the Bolshevik(or insert Fascist or whatever ideology) Re-education camps are coming back sometime.

If I wanted to be extremely evil, I would gain access to everyone browsing habits and then use my handy-dandy-evil search to figure out my political enemies. Even if I only get a 70% success rate, a little persuasion in the Re-education camps will reveal pretty much everyone else.

Comment Re:Memeory Leaks (Score 1) 145

Closing a tab, hitting CTR-ALT-DEL, and looking at how much memory Firefox is using is NOT a good indicator of a memory leak. A better indicator is how long and how much can you use Firefox. I can't remember the last time I ran up against Firefox being unusable because it was bloating. Also, to lay blame at Firefox's feet you would need to turn off all your plugins such as Flash, Quicktime, Java, etc.

In a low RAM environment, Firefox is much more aggressive at keeping RAM usage down. Most computers these days have lots of RAM. Programs should use it.

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