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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Programming a "Haunted" Halloween Jack-o-Lantern

An anonymous reader writes: NerdKits has just released a neat "haunted" Jack-O-Lantern video tutorial that glows when you reach your hand inside! The technology used for the sensor is the same as is used in laptop trackpads and smartphone touch screens but can be built with common materials: two pieces of aluminum foil, some paperclips, and a processor running C code at 14MHz. The sensor trips when a hand is nearby, and LEDs light up to surprise and scare the unsuspecting trick-or-treater. Download the source code and extend this idea for your home or office!

Submission + - SPAM: Bajaj to launch new bikes in India

Ganpat Choudhary writes: "Bajaj Auto, the leading auto major, is believed to launch a couple of new bikes in India. Recently the company quoted by saying in media reports that it will launch another entry or executive class bike in India in January 2010. The new bike is supposed to be priced at Rs 40,000. Bajaj auto already launched a 100cc bike, Bajaj Discover 100cc, that got a tremendous response from customers. In only 50 days, over one lakh units of Bajaj Discover were sold since its launch in July, 2009. It may be recalled that at the launch of Kawasaki Ninja 250 R, the company informed to launch some new bike in higher end segment in India."
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Submission + - Google partners up with Twitter for search (

An anonymous reader writes: According to the Google blog, it has partnered up with Twitter to bring tweets into its search results in the next few months. While this is an exciting news, how the feature is going to present itself is a huge question. Indiblogger presents a comprehensive list of how it should be. Quotting from the article, the points discussed are: relevance of tweets with the search term, twitter and Google advertising, even a Google-Twitter API.

Submission + - Slashdot - Submission (

adeydas writes: "While TechCrunch and Google Blog announced the merge of Google Search and Twitter in the next few months, Indiblogger has some really interesting point on how the new feature should be. To cite a few, displaying relevant tweets for search terms is a big issue as pointed out by the author. Also is a Google ads for tweets on the menu?"

Submission + - Google to include tweets in its search results (

adeydas writes: "In a recent post on Google Blog it has mentioned that it is going to include tweets in its search results. According to the report Google is going to plan and implement the feature in the best was possible in the next few months. While this is a welcoming feature, I wonder how the search engine giant is going to sort out through all the relevant (and irrelevant) tweets available. Whatever it might be, this is certainly an anticipated event."

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