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Submission + - A Life Worth Living (

aderack writes: Videogames are pretty much about violence, loss, and death. Indie games in particular seem to spend much of their time analyzing and addressing these concerns. How does this obsession mirror our real-life obsession with these themes, and how does it conflict — and why? These questions may be the key to the growth of games as a medium.

Submission + - The Original Game-Maker (

aderack writes: Everyone knows about Mark Overmars' Game Maker. Before it hit the scene, though, there was a different Game-Maker in town. For its time it was powerful and sophisticated, and enjoyed a large development community. The thing is, this was mostly pre-Web; the community traded in diskettes and dial-up boards, and the company behind the software ceased development around the time the Web exploded. So until now there has been scant information out there. DIYGamer is rectifying that with a series of articles about the old Game-Maker scene. Here's the introduction, and here's an article on one of the better game artists.

Submission + - La La Land Follow-up Unleashed on the World (

An anonymous reader writes: Matt Aldridge, the guy behind the bizarre and nightmarish La La Land series — favorite of such luminaries as Jon Blow and Auntie Pixelante — has released a new, much more fully-featured game. Although still inscrutable and downright creepy, this one is more playable in a traditional sense.

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