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Submission + - 4 + 1 ways to celebrate Software Freedom Day (

Xenofon Papadopoulos writes: With the Software Freedom Day fast approaching, the Free Software Foundation and communities across the world are planning their activities and are preparing to celebrate and promote Free Software in their region. Joining your local community and partaking to its activities is strongly suggested; however, here are some ideas for individual promotion of Free Software.

Submission + - OLPC Deployment in the Greek Village of Sminthi (

Xenofon Papadopoulos writes: "The last two days I've been attending the Software Freedom Kosova Conference 2009, which was really interesting and had quite an impressive turnout. In the conference I presented the work of the Greek Free / Open Source Software Community and the Re-public online magazine for the deployment of some XO-1 laptops, part of the One Laptop Per Child project, to some students of the High School of the Greek village of Sminthi. You can checkout the project's Wiki for some ongoing work. You can also read the paper we submitted to the Conference, describing the entire project."

Comment Re:Humm good title (Score 1) 696

Unfortunately it's not just games. It is: - Terrible (if any) support for webcam / voice chat in messengers. - Terrible (if any) support for 3G cards. I know the latest versions have improved 3G support, but most notebooks don't run the latest versions. - A plethora of little but extremely annoying bugs which can be fixed with just a tiny fix in the text configuration files, that no non-adept will ever think of doing. - Flash / java plugins for firefox that keep bringing the machine to its knees. In general, I think that a) many features that have been considered a must in the users' world for ages are still unavailable in linux deskrop, and b) the rapid addition of new features to the latest linux distros (mainly ubuntu) have come at a price to quality and stability. I can't see linux gaining many more users from the masses until it addresses these issues.

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