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Comment GameStop did this 5 years ago (Score 1) 1103

I used to manage a GameStop, and for the hourly employees they were all but required to get this form of payment. The real shitty thing is that most ATMs require you to withdrawl in $20 denominations. A few will let you do $10, but rarely can you go lower than that. For these part time hourly employees, sometimes their paychecks would be ~$50, making it difficult to get to that last bit of money which consequently could make up a significant percentage of their overall paycheck. They're total BS, and I empathize with anyone who has to get paid using such a draconian method.

Comment First Hand Experience (Score 1) 524

I used to work for a small private equipment reliability company. The culture was great and I enjoyed working for the owners. Eventually, they sold the company to a large publicly owned company. The first things that they cut were the free sodas, and every developer with any coding experience jumped ship because they all saw that things were going downhill. About 6 months after the free sodas were cut, they started laying off people throughout the company. (Un)fortunately, the particular office I left didn't have any lay-offs because most of the developers already left.

Comment Just a rights infringement? (Score 1) 475

From TFA "This can be useful to international travellers who need their phones to work on different networks. Other people just like the freedom of being able to switch carriers as they please." So besides blatantly stepping on a customer's rights, what is the main detriment of this law? For the average consumer, which isn't the typical slashdot reader, they would have no idea about any of this. For the typical slashdot reader, this could be annoying, especially for travel, but in the end it doesn't seem like unlocking a phone would save you any substantial amount of money, considering that you'd get hit with an early termination fee for switching carriers after unlocking your phone. For the majority of you, is unlocking your phone about saving money, or just about the funsies of playing with the tech toys?

Comment Re:service centralization = bad idea (Score 3, Interesting) 75

Users are going to choose the service that best fits their needs. If there were other options out there that offered services similar to gmail, and were widely advertised and known to the public, then email usage would be more distributed. Also, there's the perception that your email address gives others

Comment I'm a judge (Score 1) 64

I'm a FIRST Robotics judge for one of their regional competitions. After looking at this year's game, it seems to me that there will be frisbees flying all over the place. This is my 2nd year judging. Any good questions I you all think I should ask the kids?

Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 169

I love Chrome, but the whole Flash Crash bug has me pulling my hair out. I spend an hour a day at work trying to diagnose how to fix the Flash Crash bug. Seriously hope that Adobe and Google can find a fix for this bug, and soon. It's annoying to go stumbling and find that 2/5 stumbles cause flash to break. Maybe I should just hold my breath until flash is a thing of the past.

Comment Re:Thank God! (Score 3, Insightful) 309

Thank God! And cancer? Still unsolved. I'll bet computer time could be used for that too. (sorry, bullsh*t like this hits very close to home for me recently. Nothing like having people dying, and then hearing how we are using resources for utter crap)

Guess you should be using your spare cycles to help cure cancer. Lead by example instead of using your resources for the utter crap that is posting on slashdot!

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