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Comment Re:Shouldn't be earning that much then... (Score 2) 805

I'm going to add more to what I said above. I make $50,000 a year as a sysadmin in the Atlanta area. On average, rent or a mortgage here is going to run anywhere from $1200 to $1500 a month.

Another user somewhere in the comments said something about having 20 ft ceilings. I have 20 foot ceilings too. In the winter I run a space heater and in the summer I run a littler air conditioner (window unit) instead of central heat air/gas. Otherwise my electric bill in the summer can shoot up to $400 a month (which is INSANE for this area) and $400 for gas in the winter (which is also insane).

I also put money back for retirement and my car is paid for. I don't see how anyone who can't make it ANYWHERE on a six figure salary gets through life. If rent is too much, get a roommate. Quit your whining.

Comment Re:What is "the music community"? (Score 1) 122

Then came the evolution where the record label was THE entity. The record label is responsible for A&R, promotion, marketing, getting the tape/vinyl/cd transferred to media, concert promotion, and on and on.

The evolution I'm referring to here is probably the mid 60's to the late 90's (somewhere in there). There was actually a period in the middle of all that mess where the label wasn't constantly calling the artist saying "I'm not hearing a hit" or ""give me more cowbel"".

Comment Recurring revenue (Score 2) 279

As far as I can tell, it's the first rule of business - Figure out a way to generate recurring revenue. What business owner wants to get $500.00 from you one time and then take their hands out of you pockets? Most of these greedy bastards would take everything you have and leave you homeless if they got the chance. I worked for a major cell phone provider and it was miserable under the regime I was working for.

First of all, they hope that there are lots of "features" on your phone that you pay for and don't use or even know about.

I'll give an example : this company rolled out a "pay per use" data package and sent it to EVERY customer (even the ones with flip phones where data is basically useless) and didn't tell them about it. When these devices have a data connection they use it whether it's intentional or not.

I had tons of customers calling in saying "What is this Pay Per Use Data" on my bill? By the way, I want all of that money back.

I would go to my supervisor and was told to reimburse the customer for _some_ of the charges and then try and sell them some OTHER useless feature. It made me sick to my stomach to do that to another human being. By the way, this is leaving out all the customers who don't look at their bill and just pay it.

After that experience (luckily I don't work for those a-holes anymore) I started paying more attention to how other businesses billed for certain things and learned that this is a pretty common practice - get as much money as you can for as little as possible.

I don't mind someone trying to make a buck. We all have to have a living, but to outright rip someone off to make your living is sickening.

Comment Re:great news. (Score 5, Interesting) 407

Actually, a lot of people don't get what they "should get" when dealing with the courts. If he didn't have legal counsel (that he paid for) I could see him doing a couple of years on a first time drug charge. I went to school with a guy that got sentenced to a LONG time in federal prison for selling cocaine. He got out "early" after spending about 5 years behind bars.

If you ever have the misfortune of getting mixed up in the system, good luck to you. Maybe you have been in trouble and have gotten lucky. I went to court on two VERY ridiculous charges. I paid for a lawyer. He kept putting the case off until the DA finally agreed to drop the charges. It all depends on what mood you catch them in. It was proven to me when my charges were dropped. My lawyer didn't tell me what he was doing, but I figured it out. I wound up showing up to court about 6 or 7 times on the same charge. The first several times, the DA didn't agree to drop the charges. Finally, one random day, he said "OK" and the charges were dropped. Before that he had offered something dumb like community service. My lawyer just kept saying "I wouldn't take it". So I kept going back to court and one day the DA just agreed to drop the charges. The first charge cost me $250.00. The second one cost me $1500.00.

If I would have walked in there with a public defender, I would have gotten (probably) 80 hours of community service and a charge on my record that would have kept me from EVER getting a decent job. I have a family. My son is GOING TO EAT whether I get his food through legitimate means or not. If that would have been put on my record, I would probably be in prison or headed there today for some BS charge (and it was BS, trust me on that) that I shouldn't have been charged with in the first place.

Some people deserve to be in jail for the things they do. A lot of people are sitting in prison right now who don't deserve to be there by a long stretch.

Comment You think? (Score 4, Insightful) 164

You send ALL of your pictures and your phone number and your email address to this site..

Every morning you post everything that little mitzi and junior did at the ball game yesterday, as if anyone cares. You're favorite movies, books, TV shows, who you are in a relationship with. People will put EVERYTHING about them in their Facebook profile, and then they're surprised that it's easy for this company to track your habits, or for potential employers to screen you?

Comment Smokescreen? (Score 1) 129

Smokescreen? I could be wrong but doesn't AT&T already own a lot of that cable that comes to a lot of houses right now? It seems to me like that would be the biggest hurdle in regards to rolling something like that.

Comment My son does fine with both (Score 1) 355

It all comes down to being a responsible parent. If some of these people are handing them a tablet to babysit the kid, well yea, that's all they're going to know how to do. However, if the parents actually spend some time with their kids and do other things with them, there shouldn't be a problem. Let the kids use the tools and tech that is there for what they are : tools.

I'd also say that a tablet is better than just TV. Wouldn't you?

Comment They won't do a thing (Score 1) 650

I heard somewhere (to lazy to google it atm) that they would be extending Windows defender updates (and maybe some other updates for the OS) for ONE more year after the targeted April 2014 date.

Having said that, I'll say this:

Remeber this story from a few days ago? They won't do anything beyond what I said at the top of my post about this. It would cost too much money, and we all know Microsoft isn't out to lose money. I'm sure the same pertained to Windows 95/98 (on a much smaller scale of course) when those EOL'ed. Nothing was done about that.

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