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Comment overblown (Score 2) 301

The selfish mining paper makes sense in mathematically simplified game theory model but does not take into account real-world issues of latency. Anyway simple work-arounds exist eg for pooled miners, the winning miner can broadcast their winning solution to random nodes in the network, which prevents selfish mining (selfish mining depends on keeping the transaction secret temporarily delaying broadcast). Hosted mining is a problem, but people should stop overpaying for hosting mining contracts, and demand to control their own vote. The long-run economic question of fees crossing over with reward is WAY to early to declare defeat. We have large amounts of bitcoin reward for decades, bitcoin can be scaled to handle more transactions, and what do we know now about the bitcoin transaction fees & economic picture 20 years out).

Comment wow (Score 2) 860

Wow, holy moly! He articulated in his video interview better than the newspaper articles why this NSA stasi 2.0 is such a bad idea, they might have good intentions (to catch bad guys) but what they're creating is a MONSTROSITY. They are recording everything for later analysis, from everyone US and non-US. And from what I could tell from reading the articles and EFF untangling obtuse NSA terminology they dont call it "collected" until they come to sift through it later. So that maybe part of the PR spin of how they claim to not collect data. There is a lot of lying and careful PR spun wording about which law, terminology, whether the access is "direct" vs via a relay server, or an API, or done by a defense contractor and not NSA direct etc. You cant trust a word the NSA Clapper guy is saying. Trust Binney, this new leaker and hopefully the google, facebook etc who claim ignorance are not spinning and lying also and if so that they clean house - find the trojan hardware, remove it and fire those who installed it, and have a proper legal review of future requests. I'm thinking the leaker Edward Snowden coming forward makes it a lot harder for NSA Clapper to lie his way out of. Binney also (another recent leaker) deciphered and laid out whats really happening. Terrorism is bad, however they have to note some of it is blowback for interventionist foreign policy by US, UK and others in the middle east. As in physics actions have opposing reactions. Not all actions were particularly just in the first place. And well the world is still pretty safe, despite all that, still more Americans apparently die annually from furniture falling on them. Actions of a government should be proportional to the risk, and balances based on informed consent of the population. What we have here is repeated entrenched lying to US congress, oversight committees, secret (and blatantly incorrect and stretching) interpretations of law. Very very bad. This guy Edward Snowden is a US patriot and an international hero and will go down in history as such.

Comment Re:Too Late To Stop It (Score 3, Interesting) 385

Yes the link is true, that is I reverse engineered lotus notes back a decade or so ago, and I did see the X509 Organization=MiniTruth and the entity name: DN=Big Brother. And very spooky that was for a surreal moment (fiction blurred to reality orwell's 1984) looking at hex dumps on a green monitor at 1am or something after quite multiple hour reverse engineering stint to find that point! However speculation was those strings were set by a disgruntled IBM / Lotus Notes programmer as I dont think the key itself was certified. Adam

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